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Blue (J’agun)

balmung The Crimson Iris

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Crimson Iris

Leader: Aldric Sayrillont, Kai Sayrillont

Officers: Pelhi, J'agun Lyehga, Yhosu Naefir

FC House/Apartment Address - Shirogane, Plot 9, Ward 13

Type of FC - Roleplaying (Heavy RP),

Alignment - Chaotic Neutral

Source Links - https://crimsoniris.carrd.co/


IC Info: Whilst covering as a front for a humble harbour respite, the Iris holds much more to those wishing for work. The Iris lounge posing as a front for the crimson iris, a morally grey mercenary organisation that does the dirty work for a multitude of clients, even doing dirty work for the grand companies themselves! Any work that needs to be done no matter the sacrifice, the Iris will accept any job for a good cost.


OOC Info: Our company is full of friendly players that are ready to aid and help you flesh out your roleplay experience! Whether you want to roleplay, do some content or just have a good laugh we try to keep a warm and caring playerbase. We like to network too however and are always looking to make new friends and alliances. Should you wish to interact between guilds or simply offer a job contract let us know! On some social nights we also venture to what events the community has to offer. 


Apply here!

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