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  1. Redesigned / amended outdated information to become more relevant to the current on-going story of the guild!
  2. Cetra has just moved into a Large House, making this an excellent time to get involved and put your own stamp on the company!
  3. We have gone a major rebranding and change of plotline and after a few months of hiatus, we are hitting back on recruitment full force! We hope to see some of you there!
  4. We have recently introduced a new phase to our roll system along with re-opening recruitment applications! Swing on by!
  5. Cetra Inc. <CI-RP> A FFVII themed Free Company Leaders: Jagun Kharlu, Harkat Runebreaker, Dilana Newmoon, Chagha'an Uyagir FC House: Plot 30, 9th Ward, The Goblet (Large/Balmung) Type of FC: Roleplaying (Medium/Heavy RP), Organization, Corporation, Science, Medical, Paramilitary Active Time: NA/EU Friendly Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Website: https://www.cetrainc.net Cetra Inc. is an aetheric crystal and ceruleum provisioning company whose wide success has birthed its own security force born to protect Cetra’s assets. In addition, Cetra's also
  6. <<CI-RP>> Crimson Iris Leader: Aldric Sayrillont, Kai Sayrillont Officers: Pelhi, J'agun Lyehga, Yhosu Naefir FC House/Apartment Address - Shirogane, Plot 9, Ward 13 Type of FC - Roleplaying (Heavy RP), Alignment - Chaotic Neutral Source Links - https://crimsoniris.carrd.co/ IC Info: Whilst covering as a front for a humble harbour respite, the Iris holds much more to those wishing for work. The Iris lounge posing as a front for the crimson iris, a morally grey mercenary organisation that does the dirty work for a multitude of client
  7. Good morning all, I hope this message seeks you well! I’m calling all roleplayers across the Crystal (previously Aether) datacenter to come and join us! We’ve lots of exciting things coming, including a dedicated site supporting forums, a dedicated Wiki page filled with Lore, regularly scheduled events and more!! Please join us as we unite roleplayers across every server in Crystal! https://discord.gg/Vmqa9k5
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