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FF D&D Interest Check

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Hello everyone!

Getting back into the game and have recently finished current story content. I wanted to try and join/ make a group of friends to start RPing again and/or doing other content. I wanted to check and see if there are a lot of people in the RP community who would be interested in playing FF 5e? Beyond Tabletop seems like an easy medium to do this in and as an old DM I have a creative itch that needs scratching.


(Note this is not an active recruiting thread for anything- just wanted to see if there are other like-minded players who're familiar with D&D before committing to anything, and maybe make some friends on Mateus along the way).

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Is there source material for FF 5e?  Cause if there is, I would love to take a look at it!

Also, I'm an avid tabletop player here, so count me interested.

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