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//IC Info//

Working under the guise of an up and coming school, the Crescent Lantern Institute in Shirogane, Venom uses the various classes that they teach to recruit potentials into their secret fold. Venom is a hush-hush organization of individuals contracted by the City States of Eorzea to assist with both the Voidsent and Garlean threats. The organization gathers intelligence for the war, and tackles situations that many would deem suicide missions. Venom is willing to take on the challenges for Eorzea that many mercenaries may find far too risky. While Venom is filled with patriots to the cause, it can find those within its ranks who have been conscripted to serve for the crimes they may have committed.



//OOC Info//

Venom is an RP-PvE Free Company located on the Mateus server of Final Fantasy XIV. We love our roleplay, we love our casual content, and we just like to goof around.

We look for individuals who desire to actively participate with the rest of our members and have fun doing it. We've got a laid back culture filled with fun-loving folks who have a good sense of humor. We do want to remain a smaller FC so that nobody feels like just a number. Our end goal is to forge friendships that will last for years to come.

While we are not an 18+ guild, we are only interested in recruiting FC members with a high level of maturity and a friendly attitude. Our roleplay will consist of darker themes which will test the moral boundaries of your characters. While we bend the lore we do not break it. No warriors of light, no echo, etc


New to RP? New to FFXIV? Or you just like hanging with a good group of folks to shoot the shit? We're more than happy to have you with us for the ride. You can find our rules in our carrd. If you are interested in joining please fill out an application here: https://forms.gle/HqvaMjoWuTNTAep96



📨 FC Leader Discord: Oria#9530

⚔️ FC Type: RP-PvE, Medium RP, Casual progression, Social

🌓 Alignment: Neutral

⛩️  FC House: Plot 15, 4 Ward, Shirogane 

🎮 Recruitment Status: OPEN

      Carrds:  https://venom-rp.carrd.co

[Please note that while we follow darker themes with some measure of violence that the ESRB rating of FFXIV is T for Teen. As such, this is NOT an ERP guild.]










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We're still looking for more players who are interested in joining Venom! We are in need of Students as well as Faculty! We have nearly finished revamping our FC house. We've quite the talented and enthusiastic bunch. With a meet and greet event on Saturday, this is the perfect time to get your characters involved with our fresh FC plot. 

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The Special Delivery

[an FC meet and greet event]


A mysterious moogle delivered several letters which were stamped with a curious serpent seal. Upon opening the missives, the recipients made their way towards the Crescent Lantern Institute in Shirogane. The academy which had suddenly cropped up out of no where was certainly an oddity. As the recipients made their way inside of the establishment, they were greeted by none other than the Headmistress of the Academy- Mrs. Oria Fuller. 


A Cheshire-like smile marked her features as her eyes passed over each potential recruit that answered the letter's call. Within the confines of the school's Dojo, Mrs. Fuller explained to them why they had received their letters. As she garnered the interests of those gathered, she explained the details of the organization. It was then that Nyx, Dascal, and Tamesis all took upon new identities to use in the field: Phoenix, the White Wolf, and Violet.   


Tennin Fuller introduced himself as codename "Duke," and took it upon himself to explain the dire situation with the terrible group called the "Iron Swords." Venom would be tasked by the City States to eliminate the ever growing threat of the rebel gang which has caused a great ruckus among the civilians of Eorzea. The fight will be taken to Ishgard- and the fresh Agents of Venom were given the orders to prepare for the bitter cold that will go hand in hand with their mission. 




Our first FC event went splendidly! We can't wait to get the fun started next weekend when Tennin Fuller's player will DM our very first FC adventure!

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We're still looking for agents, teachers, and students. We are always looking for more RP contacts as well, so be sure to give us a shout if you're interested in roleplay connections. Our Next FC event will take place this up and coming Saturday. Put in an application and join in on the fun. Our event will be fast paced and filled with action, so be sure to sink your teeth into our juicy FC plot!

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Venom just welcomed a few fresh faces into the fold.  The anticipation and excitement is building up for the event set to take off in the late afternoon. Are you a brand new player to FFXIV? Are you new to RP in the XIV setting? We have a few folks in your shoes and we don't mind helping out. We've also recently established connections with another super awesome guild that we hope to have some co-rp with. We hope to see you tag along!

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