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Masao Aniko

balmung <Lunar> Is looking for Students, Teachers and Staff in and out of the FC!

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FC Name: Lunar Rose Academy FC Tag: <Lunar>
Server: Balmung
Leader: Ayane Mayuzuma
Officers: Wikiki Wiki, Vahn Ayis
FC House/Apartment Address - Lavender Beds Ward 13, plot 30
Type of FC - Roleplaying (Medium to heavy RP),
Content Active Time - EU times and NA times
Alignment - Neutral
Source Links - Our Discord

IC Background - Ayane Mayuzuma started a school after retiring from her job as a Mercenary. She hopes to give education to those who wish to learn and achieve knowledge. Or seeks those who wish to give lessons. A uniform is gifted to students as soon when they enroll into the school. Several things are available for students, such as Dorm Rooms, a Library, Bathhouse, Study room and more. There are also several clubs that students can join, and of course classes.

OOC Background - We are looking for Students, Teachers and staff who would like to work around the school. We accept anyone on the Crystal data center. Of course we also look for other FCs to collaborate with on events, plotlines or just plain old RP. We also would like some enemies for the school, like for example Garleans looking for Ayane (Since she is wanted) Or stuff like that. If you like more info, let me know! 



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