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other [Goblin] Sky Wolves <Skoll> is looking for fresh meat!

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It was a beautiful sunny day in Limsa Lominsa, not a cloud in the sky. You could hear the birds tweeting up in the trees, the calming sound of the waves coming from the beach and the sound of a cannon going off at a distance. What could it be you ask yourself? You want to go and take a look? Oh god ... if you insist.

Here you are, in front of the Sky Wolves FC house. You look up the roof of the house and there is no more roof. There's an Au Ra standing behind the cannon, an unconscious Roegadyn on the main floor, a Viera looking like she wants to end her suffering and a faint smell of baked beans.


The Au Ra turns toward you and ask ''What do you want? Are you here to join our Free Company? Does it look like I have the time for this? Look at the mess! Fine, sit down somewhere, I'll send you someone.'' Everything happened so fast and you find yourself sitting down beside the fountain when the Viera approaches you. She hands you out a piece of paper covered in bloodstains and throws a pen at you. ''Sign here, there and there and welcome. What, you have questions? Fine!'' You could see that she wasn't very happy. Maybe because of the mess around? Or maybe it's you. Who knows? She proceed with the usual description of the Free Company ''We are Sky Pirates without a ship. As you can see, our house is half destroyed. We are looking for SOCIAL people that likes to hang around in Discord. We do endgame content, mostly EX and Raid but not Savage. We're in the process of making RP events and would love to have more RPers. And you need to be an adult to join because we often say explicit things. Are you going to sign now!?''


You see something moving in the debris of the main flor. The Roegadyn slowly stands up, not looking so good. He takes his sword and rush toward the Au Ra. A couple of swings later and the Roegadyn is back on the ground, looking worse than before. The Au Ra looks at you and say ''Are you going to sign or not?''. The Roegadyn slowly raise his hand and does a thumbs up and whisper ''Just sign it.''. And you hear a loud shouting coming from the basement ''DINNER'S READY!''. That must mean the baked beans are ready. ''


Are you going to sign?'' said another Viera perched in a tree sipping her tea.

If you are interested in joining our Free Company, you can reply to me here or add me on Discord.

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I am interested in hearing more about the Free Company and RP events you're planning. :)


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As a update to this post. We're still recruiting for rp/casual sake. The company is just at the point where they obtained a large house as well as storage and side cavern for airship work.. all by 100% 'legal' means. 

As far as future planned events... if I can get things rolling and work out some form of fair system ... we will be hosting a small scale fighting pit. Past that we are in the process of setting up a sort of speakeasy with a front and back section to the bar (have to start bringing in funds somehow.. till other means of funding these little operations comes into play). 

I'll be looking into planning more in game events as well. Ideally I'd love to get in touch with some of the more noble standing that will likely disprove of this groups motives and ambitions. 


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