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What I find most interesting...


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Is trying to figure out how a coalition of Linkshells is going to turn out. I mean, I don't doubt the RPC community is going to grow. Specially after launch. Due to that, I'm interested in seeing how the individual LSs interact with each other.


A specific that comes to mind are LSs such as T.A.L.E. and A.E.T.H.E.R.


As some may know T.A.L.E. is a group of adventurers who start out as nothing and will someday hopefully become famous adventurers known by many! And A.E.T.H.E.R. is creating an encyclopedia about everything that they can hopefully get their hands on! This includes stories from all of the different RPing that is going on. So I'm thinking of situations where T.A.L.E. may do some noble deeds, or uncover some amazing artifacts and word spreads through the community to LSs such as A.E.T.H.E.R. who then write about these deeds!


If this RPC takes off, which I really think it will since it is already growing, then we will create a growing world within our server in FFXIV! We won't be bound to the restrictions of storylines set by SE, or endgame content! There will always be new interesting things going on in the world and we will stumble into many of them. We will create our own history together and make it a whole new game just with that.


My point is, I'm just so amazed by this. The fact that we're going to shape an entire world together is so inspiring. I cannot wait till we all get together in game, and start interacting with each other. I really look forward to FFXIV, not only because of the game, but because of all that I know is going to happen because of the RPC.


But enough of my ranting! Let's talk about what you guys think will happen!? What type of events do you think will rise up?

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We're going to build the Death Star, that's what we're gonna do. It's more epic than nuke and it's re-usable. Bonus: We can conquer other planets too, not just Eorzea.


What I think COULD happen, is that if FFXIV will have a similiar conquest system like FFXI (Battle between nations) Our community could split into factions and such. People could have ranks and all that. It would be pretty epic if the RP community played a major role in the conquests.

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On topic, I appreciate the OP's sentiment. I'm really looking forward to the depth that roleplaying will bring to the game for me. Frankly, XI was too simple of a game to really challenge me by the time I quit, and there was no saving that-- and I think the infinitely complex art of storytelling will be a welcome injection into my gaming. So I'm really looking forward to seeing how this dynamic, collaborative story unfolds.

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Yeah when Cas first started talking about building the RPC, I thought initially it would be a simple forum where we could direct all the RPers to find linkshells. But as we have grown and everyone has been posting their linkshell concepts and interacting with each other, the RPC has become SO much more than I initially imagined. We are already doing such a fantastic job of bring extra depth to this world. It's going to be fantastic, absolutely. :approve:

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What we should do I think is try to foccus ourself on one server. Try to gather as MANY people together. The problem I ahd early on in ff11 was I had no idea HOW to find an rp link shell.I stumbled across Crystalline on sylph.


I think we should aim to concentrate people towards one server. don't you agree? :cheer:

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I agree Azreiel, and I'm almost 100% sure the RPC already has plans to select a server for all RPers to gather in. Let's just hope people have the patience to create as many characters as necessary in order to get lucky and into the server needed!

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I think they said that you'll be able to chose your server yourself, so the patience shouldn't be that needed ;)


But yes, of course we should find a server for all of us! There's nothing better to have a big roleplayserver, where everyone works together to make it interesting, and as it looks right now, this could be one hell of a great roleplay server!

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