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Here I am... sort of!

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This introduction is long overdue. As you can see, I've been a registered member here since March of 2010. I have a few posts here in an RP thread and never really picked up a lot of steam. I have been waiting since the announcement of this game, the first incarnation of this game, to play on the PS3. I pre-order a copy of the game only to end up cancelling. After years of waiting, and honestly giving up on ever seeing this game on the PS3, I find an official announcement for the PS4. Time to chuck the PS3 version and move on to something bigger and better.


A launch day PS4 has my name on it somewhere (even though it's currently invisible and incorporeal) and is eagerly awaiting its opportunity to entertain me with the next generation of high quality games. inFAMOUS: Second Son, Destiny, The Elder Scrolls Online, and Final Fantasy XV are instantly reserved. I do a bit of web searching and check up on my non-existent copy of Final Fantasy XIV only to discover that the PS4 version is going to be real. And somehow I stop thinking about inFAMOUS and start wondering how the rebirth of FFXIV wil be. A week later I receive a beta invite for my PS3. Score.


So now it is with a bit of apprehension that I introduce myself to all of you. Having my first pre-order cancelled due to an announcement that I will never ever see FFXIV on my PS3, an announcement that has thankfully been proven false, has me hoping that the reborn realm will be everything that I know an online Final Fantasy is capable of. I most certainly do not wish to see this game fail... again... and see my pre-order automatically cancelled by Amazon because the game will never exist... again.


I am a long-time RPer in pen and paper games as well as various MMO's. I've lead small RP guilds, headed up the RP divisions of much larger guilds, and have enjoyed the hard work that others put forward in creating a great RP environment for everyone. I look forward to seeing the environments that the established leaders here have created and interacting with all of you. While it may be some time before I get an opportunity to play with most of you due to the fact that the PS4 version will not receive a simultaneous release, getting to know you here will still be great fun.


Now that you can see how verbose I am, I will cut myself off. And I will spend the next several days kicking myself for having my Beta character on Ultros. At least he's only level 14.

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Don't worry, PS3 FFXIV is really real this time, and what's more, the game is fantastic and sure to be at least a moderate success.


It isn't the PS3 release I'm concerned with. That will be released simultaneously with the PC version. The PS4 version, however, will depend greatly on this game's success. Here's hoping for a good enough showing that Square gives the PS4 a chance to shine.


On a more lighthearted note, one of life's most important questions is, undeniably, cake or pie? Pie is the correct answer. Thank you for the pie.

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