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Cetra Inc.


A FFVII themed Free Company 

Leaders: Jagun Kharlu, Harkat Runebreaker, Dilana Newmoon, Chagha'an Uyagir
FC House: Plot 30, 9th Ward, The Goblet (Large/Balmung)
Type of FC: Roleplaying (Medium/Heavy RP), Organization, Corporation, Science, Medical, Paramilitary
Active Time:  NA/EU Friendly
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Website: https://www.cetrainc.net



Cetra Inc. is an aetheric crystal and ceruleum provisioning company whose wide success has birthed its own security force born to protect Cetra’s assets. In addition, Cetra's also known as an independent body and are often subcontracted by the Grand Companies and the Eorzean Alliance. With advancements in research and technology within its independent divisions, and improvements in medical care, they are known as a self-sufficient organization.


Cetra’s equipment can be spotted in several locations across Eorzea and the company is welcomed by those that know of them. While the inner workings of the company can sometimes be seen as "morally questionable", the public still views them in a good and helpful light. Cetra Inc. is a one stop shop for medical care, military assistance, development of technology and of course the infamous Cetra Lounge; a great place to relax and enjoy a pleasant drink.



We offer a wide range of RP experience to fit and include any story or character development!


  • - Our Campaigns offer various pathways based on your character's actions. Each In Character branch had a deep storyline.
  • - We host Community Events for server-wide participation, but only our members get to experience the full story!
  • - Customizable combat/roll system that keeps players on the edge of their seat!
  • - Contractual missions combined with social and player-made events make for a unique experience!


Impromptu RP is encouraged among our members. If you're looking for a friendly and welcoming community to enjoy your FFXIV experience we are certainly the right place! Characters of all types and backgrounds are invited as we pride ourselves on being an open community. Cetra has just finished Phase 1 of it's Main Quest Scenario story, which makes now an excellent time to get in on the ground floor and put your own stamp on the company! Message me, or visit our website. Thank you for your interest.



Application available on our website: https://www.cetrainc.net




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