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A wild question appears!


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I have a question ... obviously :P Most likely a silly one however. I have noticed a few people saying that playing a 2.0 character as having been at the Battle of Carteneau and time jumping could be challenging. I am unsure how it would be any more challenging then writing any back story for a 2.0 character. 


I'm only asking cause I don't want to write a long in depth back story for my character only to find I have been overlooking something really important.


Granted the word challenging is subjective to interpretation and for me doing three weeks of research and watching almost every video on the 1.0 story line (including a 7 hour one) before even creating a character name is completely normal.


So I guess my real question is: Am I missing something or is challenging something that is just a matter of opinion.

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The only thing I can think of really is missing out on any of the new in-game story elements that may be presented to 1.0 characters only. Though, I don't personally know how deep that divide actually will be. I suspect that there will be a point where both 1.0 and 2.0 stories converge going by how it's presented so far. So all that would be needed is to research the parts that are different. This might not even be an issue if you don't plan to use the game story, but there may be elements that would be unique to a time-skipped character.


The other thing would be the lack of any tattoo that will be on 1.0 characters. A minor thing probably since some might just hide it anyway. Also armor and such will likely hide it too.

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I haven't really played too much into the game. I don't know if there is any actual difference between the in-game story if one plays on a Legacy character (of v1.0) or a newly-minted v2.0 character, but I am highly doubtful.


So far into my journey of Limsa Lominsa, while we are presented with a few things, the NPCs speeches and reactions are very vague and they confess to everyone having some foggy memories as well, especially regarding the "Warriors of Light" who were so brightly lit their details are fuzzy (like looking at an something with an actual very bright light in the background).


In any event, such thing is a personal journey. Some people can whip up something fast and others just feel the need to live through it. In other words, they want their history to unfold and be there for it. Basically, one could hand-wave and say, "They helped in re-construction," but some like more detail than that. They have to plan out if their NPC/PC family members survived, if they fell in love, if they were elevated in the community as towns came back together, if they went through "shell-shock" and sat out the renovation, and much more.


It fleshes out a character and some would rather "pick up" where they left off in a sense, although five years have passed. Others will explain it. It's just personal tastes.

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I think the only thing that'd be actually challenging about this is that you'd possibly have to do a little more research about the lore to get the events that took place leading up to Carteneau right. The storyline you're going to be fed in game and the reactions of NPCs will probably be different, too, but only you will know that. If you want to have been in the battle, be in it, IMO!

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I've been thinking about this a lot lately, actually. It doesn't seem any more difficult than going back and looking at what happened before the End of an Era trailer, and making sure you've got a solid grasp on the lore before doing it.


I was thinking of having Rendal part of the battle, but when the actual fighting broke out, having him turn tail and run away. Whether he got caught up in the timeskip or physically fled before it happened I'm not sure yet. But I see no reason why someone who's coming into this fresh couldn't take that direction if they wanted to.

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I'm one of the people who's said that it could be challenging (not that it will be, just that it could be :) ). Why?


  • You need to explain why your character doesn't have the "Legacy" mark. However, as it can be covered up or hidden by slash-command, this may be easily hand-waved.
  • You need to make sure you know the pre-Carteneau lore that adventurers would have encountered. (People who weren't at the battle probably weren't adventurers and so wouldn't necessarily know most of that lore.)
  • You need to consider the effects of things you did before the battle, and how those tied into Grand Companies and the like -- basically, what effect, if any, you had on the world before the time warp, and how that does, or doesn't, factor into your backstory.
  • You need to keep track of any divergences in the story that exist between 1.x and 2.x characters, though (so far in beta 3) those seem to be minimal or nonexistent. (I expect somewhere they'll address whether or if the Warriors of Light remember each other, for instance.)
  • You need to be prepared to adapt if the devs introduce differences between 1.x and 2.x characters, such as different appearance items that are tied through quests to whether you were time warped or not. Yes, you can dismiss this under the rubric of "quests are all OOC," but if you wear an item with an appearance effect that only those who weren't at the battle get, yet you claim you were at the battle, questions will be raised IC. How likely is this concern? I don't know; I'm not an FFXIV dev. :)


None of these are big problems, but they do make coming up with the backstory more difficult than if you didn't have to account for any of them. That's why I say it may be more challenging, since there's more bits you have to consider than you would if, say, you played a character who just recently started adventuring. It's probably easier for those who played 1.x. That said, is it impossible, lore-breaking, or otherwise bad? Certainly not, so if you feel up to it, go for it.

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Ahhh I think I understand. Thanks for the responses.


I have been planning on playing my character as having very little impact on the world prior to the battle at Carteneau. From the research I have done the only requirement for being at Carteneau is being a part of one of the grand companies. If I am wrong please let me know.


Edit: I don't plan on RPing anywhere near the main storyline, minus any global events.

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My initial thought was that it might be nice to let the 1.0 people have the battle, and have that little bit to their story - like an RP legacy mark. Acknowledge that they were actually here.


I'm sure it's not a big deal, really, but that's how I looked at it as an incoming player.

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