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So first off- hello and welcome to all the new people that are... well still less new than me. But still... tis nice thing to do.;)


Secondly, Hi.

I'm new to FF, old to RP and MMO's. Never did PnP or LARPing- not because it doesn't sound like fun, but because never had the friends and opportunity. I -did- go to Comic Con one year in San Diego- and it was AWESOME! haha 'Course didn't dress up, because I'm just not that cool..


Well... maybe not, maybe I just didn't have time to make an outfit, but we'll just move on....


Played a lot of the MMORPGs out there, first MMORPG was SWG. Fond memories of the old game, frustrated memories of the same... Still miss the great RPers and RP I encountered there (and the still-unbeatable-RP ops it offered), don't miss the fiasco and problems it had. Loved the fact that even in full Composite, I could recognize my RP buddy in a crowd... Miss having an entire universe to explore without boundaries...

Am very much looking forward to the possibilities and, frankly, BEAUTIFUL world of FFXIV... and the RP community that really seems to be not only active, but thriving, creative, motivated... and diverse. I cannot wait to get IG and start interacting and letting my character live!


Hm. I'm usually a lot more creative with my intros... but it's early, been up all night and my creative spark is quite dim.

Forgive me....

*hangs head in shame & offers pie as a peace offering*



Yeah ok... So decided to drop my RP data here (for those that wanna know) and keep the mentor thing shorter. :blush:


RP history...

I'm a long-time RPer. Started off in forum RP about... hm... near 20yrs ago?, then to SWG at launch clear up to the NGE, then back and forth a bit til it ended. Had a really great character in SWG (Kettemoor... then to Starsider after the NGE and all my friends on Kett left...) that I still miss terribly. haha.

From there, played/RP'd in: Vanguard, CoH/CoV, DCUO, EQ2, TOR, Rift, GW2, Fallen Earth, Aion and... yes, I played WoW for a time (Vanilla). Some got more RP love than others... haha... depending on the community.

I have not, however, ever done LARP or PnP... my first intro to DnD has been, well... playing Neverwinter right now. (The Foundries are great- love to see people contributing and telling stories I can play in! hehe)- but no RP to be had there. Mainly fiddling in it because I'm bored with GW2 and... really, really miss the sandbox, the multitude of RP options that SWG offered, and... well a really great, helpful RP community.

I like the complex storylines wherein others join, stories mingle and everyone prospers- and offers opportunities to branch off and make new stories and promote character development. Dynamic characters that change over time based on IG interactions are... awesome.

I am a 'shoot from the hip, spontaneous' RPer vs script. A script, for me, is a good basis for a story... I might plan a beginning and end... but I leave the details to whatever inspires folks in the event. Sometimes the end I planned will be altered- That's OK! hehe Its all good and... well if I -really- needed something to happen, then it gives me a challenge to make it still happen, despite the creative events earlier. hehe

As far as what I've done in those games: I've been in guild leadership for most- including Guild Leader. I've assisted in the development of the Zabrak culture and language in SWG that was still in use in RP circles the last time I played in TOR. I've helped develop/promote stories and events with others (I am a strong believer in networking with other awesome RP guilds and people :D- versus being exclusive to MY guild).




Ok lastly *pants* My RP preferences...


As realistic/true to life in Eoreza as possible. I love all manner of RP- but my preference is more adventure, action, intrigue,... STUFF... than tavern-sit-down. I believe RP is not separate from PvE and I believe in character consequences. If my character screws up or ticks off someone, I expect repercussions. She might find a way out of it- she might not. She might fail, she might succeed. She might suffer or look stupid, she might come out great. All avenues are viable. I don't do rerolls and I don't believe in illogical feats to get out of tough things. I like a challenge in my RP. I -want- my toon to get into scrapes, to have to figure stuff out, to have to WORK for stuff. And... I am comfortable with mature situations. Violence, etc is fine (with some limitations). I don't believe in 'happy-happy, joy-joy' RP all the time. When I RP in a world, I am living through my character- who LIVES in that world. I don't control her, I am just a channel for her to 'speak' and 'act'... if that makes sense.

The only thing I might have issue with... is permadeath. Unless I'm at that point and my character is 'done'... and then I will negotiate with others who might be interested in facilitating that. LOL I believe in letting others shine in RP- I don't have to always have the attention (in fact, it makes me kinda uncomfortable after a bit). I love interacting with other characters- it is how my character grows, even as it helps other peoples' characters grow.


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Thanks all :) Glad to be here & looking forward to meeting you all!

Yes... SDCC was really fun. But gah, was I nervous! hahaaha... never been to anything like that before, and not really a comic guru and went there solo.


It was crazy fun. Sure, you saw the kinda scarily dressed folks (yanno those whose outfit did NOT compliment their physique... O.o), but also saw some really phenomenally dressed folks, people IC (I think there was a WoD battle there at one time: vamps vs wolves)... and all that- but everyone was just having fun. And that was all that mattered hehe


... it was also where I first learned of Twilight... and my ear-drums are still recovering... haha. And... where I got to watch the red-carpet premiere of Continuum with the cast of SG-1 (*geek squee* I loved the original crew of SG-1). Super cool to be able to 'meet' folks you normally see only on TV or movies- and get their take. Would love to be there for a Firefly panel (I hear Weadon & Nathan Fillion and crew are working towards rights for a new Firefly series *crosses fingers*).

Hm... a lot of energy, a lot of fun. People dressed up and no one thinking you're weird for doing so... hehehe good stuff. And LOTS of really cool comics, authors and artists all over!!!


I'd like to go back, this time for more than a day


Thanks Scarlet and Xenedra. Great to know I'm among like-minded company! hehe

Quality, exciting, creative, incorporating RP is priceless!


*grins* ooh... cupcake! Thanks! *noms*

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Just going to echo the others and say it's always good to see another RPer that's in favor of consequences actually applying as a part of their roleplay. :) Sounds like you've got a ton of experience (and MMOs! :D ) under your belt so looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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