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primal (Behemoth/Hyperion) Hello All!

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Hello all, somewhat long time player looking to get into this side of the fishtank.

  • Been playing since I think late 2017
  • Only since late last year have I gotten more back into RPing, whether forum setting or IG
  • I have two characters, one is my main RP (Hyperion) and one which is what I do content with (Behemoth). However both are the same character with just a name difference.
  • I'm AEST Timezone
  • Character Card https://aizenaura.carrd.co/ Male Au Ra Xaela
  • Only now sprucing up my profile, gotten more used to the way forums work from RPnation and building up my confidence on there
  • I can sometimes be either post once in a while or a few times a day. My work scheduale can be chaotic

Wouldn't mind looking for someone else whose interested in RPing sometime, esp any male characters interested in other male characters. 



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Hello Aizen o/ Your character looks sharp, I like the style and confidence conveyed in his pictures. Also, it's good to see I'm not the only one who makes alts of a specific character, though I must admit your reasons are more practical than mine.  


I hope you're able to find some RP that works with your schedule, I know how hard that can be sometimes. 

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