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Is this backstory too...convoluted?

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Background: I've make an account here before, lost interest in the game, and then rekindled interest in the game. I wanted to get a backstory together for my one and only character.


The backstory is summarized as thus. Lalafellin girl awakens to the Echo in a semi-secluded village as a result of the 1.0 starshower and devoured a talent for arcane magic afterwards. her village grew to fear her and encased her in crystal stasis, which was then weakened by the calamity (and also destroyed her villiage). Treasure hunters from Coerthas (tentative, was the closest I can think of for "North Pole" esque locations) find her as her seal breaks, and then takes her in before she decides to leave to find her original (now destroyed) village and start her adventuring career. she then finds said village and takes a certain caravan to Ul'Dah.


I was wondering if this is too complex compared to other backstories (Admittedly due to being a retcon, that kind a happens when you forget most of the original details. Plus I was bit compelledto justify the multicolored eyes from a in-verse standpoint). But I also wanted to know...

  • What known locations on the Source are prone to auroras?
  • Does "regular" aether usually have the ability to affect appearance?
  • How widespread was knowledge of the Echo at the time of 1.0. I'm assuming it was only known by the Circle of Knowing.
  • Is there any precedent for a lifeform being trapped inside a crystal?
  • More importantly, was the area known as the Burning Wall inhabited prior to the calamity?
  • I also would like to know what the ramifications suspended animation, the idea that your community fears you and such might have on one's psyche
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Might be convoluted but it's not necessarily bad in itself as long as you focus on your character traits and personality too (flaws, etc). I'm just a bit curious about that crystal stasis thing the village did because if they get afraid of her, it pretty much hints to me as fear born out of ignorance from common people rather than... arcane enlightened erudites that would actually have the knowledge and be able to imprison someone into a crystal stasis magic contraption in the first place? Erudites that would really need a strong reason to fear the character, certainly more than just the echo and weaving arcanist magicks. Either way I dont see commoners or peasants exactly able to jail someone like that. At best, some shady traveling mage could do the trick though.


- I'm not sure we have a lot of info on auroras. I'd assume northern territories as on Earth, though that's  just an assumption. So probably North Ilsabard (Garlemald).


- Aetherial imbalances can produce a huge variety of biological effects on bodies, including mutations (see Eureka monsters), among other things. It's generally very negative and can lead to pain and death, but I dont see how milder aetherial imbalances couldn't affect some body traits.


- The echo was known as it is today. The Circle of Knowing is just one sharlayan militant scholarly group, but the Path of the Twelve (founded by Ascillia/Minfillia) was actually a refuge for echo wielders in order to explore and deal with their gift. Both got merged before 2.0 into the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.


- A lifeform trapped inside a crystal and not just a soul/mind? Hard to tell but considering what we have seen from the last 5.2 patches I doubt it's really possible. How would the body even survive inside?


- According the the lorebook the Burning Wall used to be a huge precipice splitting Eastern Thanalan from The Grand Wake until it got toppled by the calamity, so probably not many inhabited places here (you can still make your own small local communities though, the land is vast...). There is definitely towns and bazars around like the Gold Bazaar, Drybone, Highbridge, etc.


- Suspended animation, at least in terms of soul/mind separated from the body like Ascians (or neo Zenos), is generally a slow burn to body death (see the Scions trapped in the First Shard) unless said entities are so powerful that they managed to break free of such constraints. If body, soul and mind are still one, then I don't know.

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