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Icy, beguiling Black Mage seeks new friends / connections / RP!

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Hey everyone, you can call me Freyja. 


I'm a returning player to FFXIV. I've been a roleplayer for 16 years now (tabletop, LARP, forums, etc.) and have wanted to get into MMO/FFXIV roleplay for a while now, but have only just decided to take the plunge.


Looking for rp connections, friends, etc for my main gal, Leadore Beltora (Carrd | Wiki - unfinished) and her son, Uhtred Worlwright. (Carrd)


              Leadore is found on the Mateus server, usually somehwere in Ul'dah, and Uhtred is on the Coeurl server, likely found in Ul'dah as well. 
              I also have other characters on other servers, but none are a high enough level for me to really want to do much with them yet.


I'm walk-up friendly, so feel free to approach if you see me. Tells are also fine. If I don't respond, I may not have gotten your greeting, so feel free to send a Tell as a follow-up.


Also potentially seeking a Free Company, but I'm admittedly a bit picky, as I'll want it to match the character, but feel free to tell me about your FC anyway so I can suss it out :)


Open to pretty much all forms of rp, and okay with just about anything. I just wont do explicit E-RP (bit too cringe for me, I enjoy some smut & am more than comfortable with sexual themes, but not roleplaying out the sweaty bits. Fade to black is so much easier.) Anything else? Feel free to ask. 


        Note: No romance for Leadore though, she's married. ❤️ 


Leaning towards darker, horror, or grimdark themes as my faves. Gritty reality is where it's at. Happier things, like slice-of-life for example, are also welcome too though! Character development and character driven story should always be at the forefront, no matter what.


Feel free to send me a message IG or OOG.


Thank ye! :) 



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