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Hey folks! I'll try to keep this brief since it's always better to learn through RP! I am returning after quite a long break. I am hoping to rekindle some connections and make new ones. Veteran RPCers may remember Desmond as the inspector chasing after the masked vigilante, Viper. The latter is one who operates outside the law to execute criminals of heinous crimes. I'm sure if you search the IC sections you can find some old posts for context.


At any rate, Desmond is an investigator who specializes in sex crimes, human trafficking, kidnapping, and heinous domestic altercations. The Viper is also a character I play and can be involved in avenging loved ones or the like. Desmond is a pretty sociable hyur so it shouldn't be too difficult to find a way for characters to meet. You can message me on here if you'd like to set something up! Thank you for your time!


~ Desmond

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