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Uncle Urdnot

[Crystal/Brynhildr] Looking for a rp partner/s

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Hey! I'm not new to rp but I am new to ff14 rp especially ingame rp but I am more than willing to learn as I am getting used to the lore as well.


My character Aisa is an introverted bookworm, who loves to delve deep into her studies. She may appear shy at first but once she opens up to you she will seem like a different person,very hyper and a social butterfly to all those she allows in her life.


Currently roaming between two places, She lives in Shirogane primarily with her roomate Vexika Blackwood however she does own a small apartment in the Mist when she is in the area.


RP Hooks


- Adventure RP (can be on discord too as that is where I am best if it suits you)


- Romance is awkward for Aisa but is she likes you she will be flirty,ooc I am down for whatever. however it has to be a natural romance 


Contact me if you are interested, Discord is Uncle Urdnot#1882 or reply to this thread.




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Hey welcome glad to see another RPer! I saw your carrd and like the concept of your character. I've two characters myself that I RP with mostly: one's an outlaw bounty hunter and tracker, the other's a former rebel fighter who's turned to mercenary work; I'll post their info down below. If you're interested you can message me here or on discord @d0vahk1n#1502 

Again welcome to the community and hope you have a blast here and IG!




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