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[Balmung] Somewhat Weird Researcher

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I'm looking for some new interesting situations and possibly a Free Company/LS environment to find a bit of RP surrounding my new character.


Her name is Opo Khife, an ex-scientist-in-training for the Garlean Empire. She escaped during the civil war and made a rather non-linear journey towards Eorzea. Most of the things I'm looking for surround her history as a Garlean scientist, and what that might entail. She's slightly enhanced, though in rather subtle ways that are difficult to discern unless you directly encounter her in a fight, or if she chooses to show her hand. She's a bit off her rocker, and tends to taunt simply to gauge reactions rather than speak to people more normally. She has an almost creepily gleeful attitude, and can often put people off simply by being nearby while talking. Or by giggling incessantly at something she's noticed and can't let go of. She's a bit obsessive-compulsive, but not in ways most people would be.


EDIT: There is a -reason- behind why she is the way she is, and why she laughs almost compulsively, but I generally try to leave that as something to unfold based on asking the right sorts of questions or forcing her into situations that would compel her to divulge them.


I intend her as a rather quirky, strange character, but in a slightly more off-putting than 'delightful' kind of way. I'm looking for all kinds of RP, and wouldn't mind speaking of whatever might be relevant!


I'm usually around throughout the day, central time.


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