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FFXIV visual database of armor models

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Back when I played TERA I'd refer to this website a lot in order to know what to expect my character to be dressed like when rolling a new class. I've seen similar resources set up for RP/vanity tab users in Warcraft etc.


(If you don't want to look at the link, it's basically a big directory of armor sets with screenshots included for every race/gender. It includes the names and levels of gear set items as well as those of items that share the same model.)


Unless one already exists that I'm unaware of, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in seeing something like this put together for FFXIV? 1.0 players who already have an idea of how diverse armor is in-game, do you think this could be useful? If you own completed sets on a character, would you be willing to submit images? (Anything: low-level sets, crafted sets, dungeon sets, event items, AF etc.)

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I personally think it would be great to have something like this for FF. I used a similar site for TERA and a couple sites like this in GW2 to try and put together a look that I thought fit my character.


I'm not a 1.0 player, but if I can help with getting this going, please let me know. :)

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Not yet that I know of. The problem was that in 1.0, with the changes being as constant as they were (and the prospect of an entire new game coming out soon), it would have been just.. crazy to do. Now with ARR being something that won't go through massive patches that creates dated gear and such it's much more feasible and hope that someone will do it!

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This is a really good idea. I'm sure once the game launches a wiki will be compiled that will list the gear and armour sets from dungeons (and raids?).

It will really help us RP people too, since I would assume most of us would prefer to wear a complete outfit (or at least wear good looking pieces from various sets.)

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There's 2 good database sites for FFXIV out there.


MoogleBox (http://mooglebox.com/) has some good sized images of equipment, but it's not updated for ARR.


XIVDB (http://xivdb.com/) is fully updated for ARR, but it's very new and they're still building it. It's so new they don't have any screenshots of gear yet, but there's a place for them in the entry pages so I'm sure they will eventually.


Those are both database sites though, not armor galleries. A site like the one you posted or this one I used for GW2 I think would be a great addition to the community. I'm sure many players would use it.


I'm up to helping put one together. Seems like a fun project. I have some experience in building websites too.

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Beyond proposing the idea and offering some of my time toward helping work on it, I'm afraid I can't offer much. I'm not well versed in what it takes to make and host websites, so I was, if nothing else, thinking about creating a tumblr for it to quickly collect screenshots from folks via the submit feature. But, I know that not everyone enjoys or knows how to use tumblr, and there's probably a much better way to go about it out there.


Even though there is less of a difference in armor across the races in FF than in TERA, I still believe it might be good to get screens of sets on a variety of character models. Something that looks fine on a regular height model might look a bit funny on a tall one, for instance. There are also definitely some small gender differences (WAR and DRG AF) and things like how some models account for long eared races and miqo'te tails.




EDIT: It's good to see some active databases for ARR. Perhaps I shouldn't have used the word database in the title post, though. I'm imagining something easier to browse and focused on aesthetics.


Nonetheless, thank you for the links. They'll no doubt be very helpful when we all get started again.

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Lol this looks like an ancient post and I just now stumbled upon it. Has a site similar to what this is been made yet? If so I would like too see it! Although I do not know of one myself, regardless of if there is or not. I was wondering if maybe we should make a thread for fashion? It would be cool if people would take screen shots of certain outfit combinations or all out gear sets that they think look exceptionally great and would share them with the community. Another addition is adding what the gear is and how to get it so anyone who wants to replicate the set is able to. It is something that is DO able without great knowledge of making websites and stuff and would allow others to share outfit ideas with the people of the forums. Does anyone else think this is a good idea? Any input? (Do we already have this and I am just blind?)

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