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Whelp, got into the P3 beta (on the PS3, arg!) as soon as it launched. I decided to give it a shot since I recently quit WoW and had a large time hole to fill. I played, briefly, the original FF14 and wasn't too impressed.


But let me say, holy crap. The reboot for this is, from what I've played, amazing! I do believe I am hooked.


A little about me: My name is Tim and I'm currently in the US Army, though I (FINALLY!) depart the service next month. From there I'll be holding down a job while the Army pays for my college. I'm aiming to get a degree in Nursing. I've been RPing for about, I dunno, 14 years almost. Started when I was 13 on forums (AOL, Compuserve, random websites) and have since done the majority of my roleplaying via forums and such. I've attempted to, in game, a few times. It was fun but it was always in a town and I'm more of a 'get your hands dirty' kind of guy. Really hard to find RP out in combat zones or dungeons. So it never really stuck. Though if I had to give myself a label, it'd be a heavy RPer. I live, and love, the story of other characters and how theirs and mine can become intertwined.


Of course by mine I mean my character, speaking of which!


My character: His name is Zach Mercurious, though his real first name is William, he just rarely goes by it--and hardly tells anyone it! I've RPed as this character, in many different forms, on various sites and such. While the personality remains the same, it's always fun to try and meld, mold, and build a new background to fit the lore / story of the world he's in. So, he's been around half my life time, more or less and to say I'm attached is an understatement. He's usually the rowdy drinkin' type, chases skirts and the like. Though deep down he's just a big teddy bear who's an overly good guy.


And...that's about it! I'll be looking forward to hunting down an RP guild that's heavy in nature, as my understanding that this is just a Wikipage and not a guild page....>.>; Hope I'm not wrong or this is awwwwwkward!


If I'm right, though, and anyone catches wind of a Heavy RP guild on any server, prior to launch, please let me know!

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Welcome aboard! Always glad to have another RP'er joining in on the insanity here. :D


To try and answer a few questions you noted:

- Right now, most of us are playing on Gilgamesh in the beta though most of those here are looking at Balmung as the RP server during phase 4 (open beta) and launch.

- If I understand it right, guilds in other games are the Free Companies here in FFXIV, though you can join multiple RP linkshells.

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Asyria, no, I've never been a Drill and never heard of those characters. :/ Sorry! I...wanted to be a Drill Sergeant, at one point, if that helps?


Nope, doesn't help! But it only means I now know two Tim's who played WoW and are US Army. ^^;


Welcome in anyway!

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