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Lore Questions about Viera, Astrology & the Sharlayan

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It's been quite some time since I have played FFXIV so I am not really familiar with anything after the base game and have some lore questions I can't seem the answers to in the wiki's. 


Question 1: Are Viera welcomed in RP? The lore mentioned that they are banished from their homeland if they ever leave, so are they to rare to be considered seriously in Eorzea? 

Question 2: If Viera are fine for RP, is there anyway that she could be practicing astrology? Or would that be pushing it due to the Sharlayan's frowing upon teaching outsiders?

Question 3: If there is no way a Viera could be an astrologian if following the lore, what races could be considered Sharlayan I could play? Or is astrology frowned upon like white and black mages are?


Thanks in advance for the help! ^-^ Hopefully those questions make enough sense....lol

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As far as I know, there shouldn't be any issue with roleplaying a Viera, but I may be biased since I also play one...


As related in various wikis, through various characters linked to the Majestic Theater Company, we can learn that Viera have become more common outside their forests in the last "several generations". They may still be considered exotic, but would not be unheard of. As long as you're clear on how and why your character has left the wood, you should be fine.


As for astrology, there's always a few ways to make this work, but the easiest would probably be to use the very fact that Viera are uncommon. For a Sharlayan seeker of knowledge, the chance to learn of a Viera's ways and traditions would likely be worth teaching something in return.

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Viera can't return home if they leave true, but there is still a fair amount of them around, especially in Dalmasca, but not only.


Practicing Astrology with an advanced skill and knowledge would probably mean having studied in the Studium in Sharlayan, as a sharlayan native. I see no reason barring a viera to be a sharlayan native though since  that nation seems very cosmopolitan. At worst, might be a curiosity to see one around as a citizen but honestly the lore is vague on this ("though diverse in nature, sharlayan does not make census of their population in the name of equality").


Astrology however recently exported out of sharlayan with Leveva taking the succession of her late father and teaching it outside. It's very possible to have started to dabble in it as a non sharlayan citizen.

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