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RPC - IPS version updated

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I'm in the process of fixing up our default theme (Carbon from IPSFocus) and have set the site to our old default in the interim while I fix up some display issues.


I apologize for the longer maint page and appearance of things!

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Major components of the theme should be updated now, and I've switched it back to Carbon. If you're looking for the light theme, you can find it on the bottom of the site in the Themes switcher. RPC for some basic branding and IPS4 Default for super bright and simple defaults.

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There may still be some glitches due to the amount of customization we previously had that the updater failed to get. 


If you notice something amiss, please let us know in this thread, in https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/forum/39-requests-and-feedback/ or let a staff member know who can then poke me elsewhere!

Edit: I am looking into a fix for the HTTPS/SSL errors. It's because we host images on Amazon S3, which uses a different security certificate. 

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The pinned posts plugin is operational again! (Required an update).


I've also added a fix for the post numbers plugin we use, which is now considered a "legacy" feature and does not come with IPS. Instead, they recommend grabbing links for posts off of the post date, which is a direct link to that post! (The post number plugin grabs the same link too, but down the line, we may lose this display)

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