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My name is Michael, mostly known on the internet by either Wubdor (my usual account name) or Allyssae (my main character in Guild Wars 2).

I literally only found this website and immediately signed up without having checked any threads whatsoever. I'm still not entirely sure if I'm willing to pay a monthly fee, but I'm enjoying my time in the beta, even though I've not come very far yet.

I have yet to learn the whole deal about this beautiful new world. I'm looking forward to be sucked in.


If anyone plays Guild Wars 2, I'm on Piken Square, playing a sylvari named Allyssae!


Lovely to meet you folks. :)


PS: I'm in the European timezone. (GMT+2/BST+1/Amsterdam, Madrid, Copenhagen, etc)

PPS: I just realized how unoriginal my topic title is. Oh well!

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Hey and welcome!

I'm still poking about in GW2 occasionally myself, but becoming more and more underwhelmed at the content (really? Quaggan puffy hats?! Give me Canthan traditional robes, dammit!

/rant off)



Not on Piken Square tho... or I'd say Hi there too. hehe

Enjoy Beta though! (*jealous*)

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