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Seeker of the Sun Female GIVEN Naming Conventions

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Hi! First Post. So I understand the letters prior to the apostrophe relate to the Seeker of the Sun's tribe, and the surname would normally consist of the father's given name. My question is: What are the rules involved in the Seeker of the Sun Female GIVEN Names. I.E. Y'shtola.  What rules need to be followed to create the "shtola" piece? Are there so many syllables? IS there a rule or pattern at all? If anyone has any information regarding this, please let me know because I cannot for the life of me find any.

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There are no particular rules concerning a Seeker of the Sun's given name. Female Seeker names tend to be fairly short and often end in a vowel. They don't seem to be drawn from any particular real world language and are supposed to sound "tribal." I recommend looking at some female Seeker of the Sun NPC names for some examples and inspiration! 

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The naming conventions for most races can be found in the lore section of the official forum.


There's a large list of names over on this wiki page:


As well as this one if it works better for you:



Lastly you can find a name generator over here:


Though going into the character creator and randoming names is also an option.

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