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[27 February 2021] Site Adjustments

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As you may have seen, we've had a few site layout/data adjustments that have popped up this month!


Perhaps the most notable is that the imported calendars and relevant feeds have been removed from RPC and replaces with a new events import block on the sidebar. Due to the number of events, the website software was unable to handle importing the data and instead would fail to load. If you ever got a HTTP Error 500 page, it was the calendar importer timing out. (And even then, it failed to import anything after the first 100 events in the feed). 


To replace the imported calendars, I've since added a new custom built block that grabs data from Erah'sae's community calendars directly. This is powered by the new community calendar API and has brought RPC some much needed stability. You should see events displayed in your local timezone as before, but please let me know if that's not working! (If it fails, it'll likely default to either our server time of American Eastern Time or to UTC). The old imported calendars have been removed as they weren't getting any new data and I've opened up some new RPC Community calendars based on datacenter instead. All of the calendars will display in the main page's sidebar. Feel free to continue putting events in the general RPC calendar or make use of the datacenter-specific ones!


Other site changes include opened up some new datacenter-based sections for Primal and Aether. You can now select Primal or Aether as options for Clubs and Linkshell Hall and Free Company Hall have had their navigation bar entries updated to include tag based filters for them as well! Feel free to move your content from the "Other" category/prefix over to the new "Primal" or "Aether" ones if those fit your server needs.


Overall, there are still a few more changes I'd like to make down the line to further improve the site's experience. Most notably, adding the light version of Carbon theme we currently use as the default, so that we can enable switching between light and dark modes without having to scroll down to the theme switcher.


As always, if you encounter any site issues or have any additional feedback, please let me know here in this post, or in the Requests and Feedback forum if you'd prefer to bring something up more privately.




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