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MMORPG background - I've played a few games over the years but these are the biggest: Everquest, Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic (briefly), World of Warcraft. However I'd only roleplayed on World of Warcraft as a varying assortment of characters (generally of the Horde variety).


RP experience - Roleplaying is something I've always been into from D&D to forums and in-game types. I used to be very involved in World of Warcraft RP for years but have recently found myself absent of friends who still play. I'd love to get involved in the RP community in FFXIV even if I'm super new to the game and the lore is not something I'm familiar with.


Character ideas/info -


  • Eynar Wolfshowl, 22, an orphaned refugee from Ala Mhigo (I think? The timeline is something I'm very uncertain about) who has lived outside the walls of Ul'dah for years. Quiet and unassuming he funnels his simmering anger into helping other refugees, generally tries to keep his anger relegated to those that deserve it. Thus he took on the adventurer's mantle to help those he could and perhaps make more coin along the way. Can write his own name and recognizes it but is not literate in general, finding places by word of mouth or picture. Or a good point in the right direction.
  • Talvaire Zadoix, 46, Duskwight Elezen who has only recently decided to see more of the world than his home is. He struggles to find a place where he feels comfortable since leaving his subterranean home and finds himself at a loss as to the strange people he's observed. He greatly prefers the wilds and darkness but is making the effort to not seclude himself.


How did you learn about the coalition? - I was googling FFXIV information on rp and happened to stumble across it. Seemed the best place to try and place some roots and, hopefully, get more established in some form of community.


What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? - Gosh uh, I'm not really sure to be honest! I'm rather a nervous person at the moment since I'm really new to the game. Mostly I stand around and listen to try and get a sense of how rp goes, since I'm much more used to characters and such from WoW. However I'd like to end up in, at least, a medium place as I limp along.


I'm looking forward to trying my hand at rp in the future, once I've got a better handle on my characters voice and how to write effectively (so many mannerisms and phrases to get used to!)

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