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A New Challenger Approaches!


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Hey gang! Not to brag to anyone, but I just hit level 46 in-game and I'm feelin' pretty OP.


Been playing Final Fantasy XIV for about three days, so I'm pretty much a Savage content professional at this point.


I have elected to join the RP community in this game. You're welcome.




On a more serious note, hey everyone. I'm Dobrul Kagon, in game. I play a Xaela Warrior. I'll be entirely honest, I'm a World of Warcraft refugee. I played on Wyrmrest Accord for YEARS, roleplaying and raiding, but the game right now doesn't grip me like it used to. Neither the RP community or PvE community grips me that much anymore.


Final Fantasy does, though, which shocked me. I may have kicked and screamed my way through A Realm Reborn, but as I stride ever closer to the expansions, I'm looking for friends to play the game with.


So, here's the details on yours truly:


I have played ESO and WoW for years now. I have the most experience in RP on WoW. I've roleplayed for about six years now! Before that, I've been roleplaying on forums since I was thirteen years old. I'm almost thirty now, yikes, so that makes me old blood.




The character Dobrul was part of the Kagon clan. They be the Nocturnal Au'ra. I don't know much about the Au'ra other than the Xaela are still nomadic, but Dobrul used to be one of his clan's warriors, along with his brother. His brother was his identical twin, and they were inseperable until disease claimed his brother's life.


After his brother's death, Dobrul received a vision that if he didn't leave the clan, the very same illness that claimed his brother's life would claim his. So, Dobrul left to explore and make a new life for himself. While he is a warrior, he is inexperienced outside of petty clan squabbles. The current idea I had for him is both him acclimating to life in Eorzea or perhaps finding a group of fellows to try claim glory and gil for himself, to honor both his own prowess and his late sibling's.


But, that's just my own idea. I'm really open to anything with him so long as it gets me to meet people.


I learned about the coalition... from google. I tried looking on the Mateus server forum, but it was really empty. So, this is my next, best shot at making connections.


I'm looking for medium-to-heavy RP, be it through a collective or even a Free Company!


Hope to meet some cool people soon!

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