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Looking for a long-term RP partner, in game or Discord!

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I'm a bit new to how this works on here, so forgive me if I slip up a bit. I've a lot of experience in various forms of roleplay through mediums ranging from forum threads to in game and tabletop gaming. I've been playing XIV for a bit now and I feel like this would be the next natural step for my character. Generally speaking, I mostly do adventuring out and about in the world, though I am also fond of social gatherings in towns and the like. I'm hoping for a long experience focused on character building and creating lasting bonds. Initially just in a friends and comrades sense, though if the characters mesh well, i'm not opposed to it going further

My character is Alma Phantomile. She is a Viera, native to Ul'dah. She dabbles primarily in the combat classes and is a Paladin first and foremost, but is starting to branch out into the more creative, crafting side of things. She tends to have a friendly, protective personality, and in truth takes pride in her work of defending those in need. Whether it's an ally in combat, a gatherer out fetching supplies, or anywhere in between, she strives to help those in need of help or who cannot defend themselves.

Generally speaking, I treat all of her adventures and encounters as canonical to her story and life. If you happen to be in the market for a shield between you and danger, feel free to hit me up and we can see how it goes! I do tend towards more mature themes and language. While it is all fantasy of course, things get heated sometimes both in and out of combat and I want to portray that with as much realism as possible.

If any of this sounds appealing and you don't mind me being entirely new to the format in game, feel free to leave a reply, shoot me a message here, or contact me on Discord! (Alucard9642#3697)

P.S. I do tend to be fairly active in my FC, so while I like to keep things organic, they may call me away now and again for one reason or another. If that can be a bit tedious, i'm totally open to keeping the RP on Discord in a play by post or more live format (Continuing whenever we are both on and able, or doing it as though writing a story in tandem and posting whenever possible. Either or is fine with me). And please, above all, communication is key! This should be fun, so please don't be afraid to speak up if things aren't going smoothly or you want to back out at any time. I reserve the right to do the same should things get uncomfortable, though I will always try to talk things out OOC first.

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Hi Alucard!


I play a character that is often in need of a hired sword or shield. My character Kinara is an Ul'dah native as well. Kinara is also a crafter by trade and does not have the skills to go places that are more dangerous. She is often getting contracts that may require her to go to far more dangerous places then she can handle. If you would like to know more we can set something up over discord (Bauldric the Crook Neck Knight#1337) or DMs here. You can also hit me up in-game if you happen to catch me but when I am in-game I tend to afk a lot since I get easily distracted since I am leveling crafters atm. I know you are on a different server than I am but with cross world travel I imagine we could make something work or even over Disco. I can also gladly share more info over the DM's or disco as well. 


I would definitely be down for a long term RP buddy and working towards character growth and progression. I also tend to treat everything my character goes through as canon though with Discord RP timeline can become a bit hard to juggle from my experience so we would need to setup when an event was taking place and for how long. 


I hope to hear from you!


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