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  1. Hi there and welcome! I think with how varied the communities are and thanks to the world transfer system I think you will be able to find just about anything you want! I wish you the best of luck and if you ever need help or want to chat I would be then happy to help! You can hit me up on Kinara Banhi@balmung or Bauldric the Crook Neck Knight#1337 on disco. I don't have any great links or anything like that to share but I have a lot of random facts stashed away in the trash bin of a mind I have and I know where to find a thing or two.
  2. Hi Bountiful! The character looks great and your card has inspired me to maybe make one someday. Maybe. I wish you the best of luck and I hope many great stories! -Bauldric
  3. Hi Alucard! I play a character that is often in need of a hired sword or shield. My character Kinara is an Ul'dah native as well. Kinara is also a crafter by trade and does not have the skills to go places that are more dangerous. She is often getting contracts that may require her to go to far more dangerous places then she can handle. If you would like to know more we can set something up over discord (Bauldric the Crook Neck Knight#1337) or DMs here. You can also hit me up in-game if you happen to catch me but when I am in-game I tend to afk a lot since I get easily distracted s
  4. Hi Everyone! Holy crap I came back and re-did this since I've been working on my character. Why I'm here: I go by Bauldric online and I am looking to make connections for my character and to make some new friends that enjoy the same aspects of the game as I do. This can be participants for IC crafting quests, adventures, business settings, and other non-sense I can't even think of currently. I'm looking for mainly long-term roleplay opportunities and I am not opposed to almost any kind of RP so long as it based in the story of the character's life. So hit me up if you are int
  5. Hi! I saw your post and was curious if your characters would be interested in dealing with a trader/crafter who wanders about. I am looking to setup some stories for my character and they could always use someone who is a fighter around to help them with odd jobs and contracts from time to time. As well since she is recently returned from over seas she is rebuilding her business and could always use some buddies. Since I am also just returning I am looking mainly to jump into other peoples plots and stories for the time being while I get my bearing so I would definitely be down fo
  6. Hello! I would be down to potentially set something up. I play a crafter/gatherer/trader character who is always on the hunt for valuable stuff to collect and trade. I was actually thinking of some fun ideas for adventuring out into the wilderness with a guard to ICly collect crafting materials for orders. My character is a jack of all trades and master of none. Her main value is in her knowledge and stubbornness. If you would be down feel free to hit me up! In-game my characters name is Kinara Banhi on Balmung and my Disco is Bauldric the Crook Neck Knight#1337. A little ab
  7. I am not sure you have gotten any hits but I would be more then happy to help with a lot of what you posted here. I am just returning myself after a long hiatus from the game after finishing the initial portion of Stormblood at its launch. I am pretty knowledgeable in a lot of the game but content relating to Shadowbringers. I would be happy to help you get up to speed and help get you initially acquainted with the game while I am getting myself caught up as well. If you're interested feel free to hit me up and we can talk characters, goals, lore, and what you are looking for. I can't promise
  8. Here are my answers to my own post: :chocobo: Buy a house, build it into a shop, build a network of rpers who would have characters who'd frequently use this type of connection (or have so many clients you're always busy), and get into lots of trouble. :chocobo: Find many ways to twist your deals into fun adventures and possible trouble with others (e.g: Grumpy mage who you stole the tome from, the angry monster that killed one of your mercs, or that man who always tries to barter even though you told him the prices were set). :chocobo: Rare cure-alls, relics from the past (allagan, mhac
  9. So, I've been a long time away when it comes to the idea of trade and commerce in Eorzea. I've always wanted to run a bizarre and rare goods emporium and with my most recent character I've decided to start that. However, while I can come up with things to trade and what not I want some input on how to handle it. Personally I want to build up a lot of rp contacts to either be buyers or sellers (maybe a little of both?). Obviously I don't have this since I am starting a new character but here is the glory of a new character, a chance to see different mind sets and thoughts on the matter. On
  10. Hi, I am finally trying to broaden my horizons in RP and would love to get an invite. I will look for you guys in-game and see if I can snag a chat. If you don't mind of course. (Character: Adelena Goldhammer) :tonberry:
  11. I hate to keep reposting here but I wanted to see if anyone would be up to review this for me and give me there two cents on it. Since I already had a threaded started I figured best to use it. I submitted the final rough draft of my character onto the RPC wiki for everyone to view (yay!). So without further ado! https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Cecieroux_Ormesang Please treat it gently with hugs and cuddles! :lol: :chocobo::chocobo::chocobo:
  12. To preface this: I have a relatively new character. One of which has not been fully fleshed out but I love these types of questions because I feel like they give you a new perspective on the character so I hope you don't mind me answering them. ANYWAY...:chocobo: -What are your character's beliefs and goals, and how do you like to see them addressed in roleplay, either by yourself or by the characters around you? Cecieroux is a man that is cynical yet playful. His beliefs toy with the foundation that there is some higher power out there pulling the strings to the world it's just he qu
  13. I justified it through making him have to learn through circumstance. Usually like if I want to be a thief type character they are born into being a street urchin or crime syndicate. Since my current character is a Lancer (in-game dragoon) I have it coming from his father leaving him a lance as an heirloom so it's all he carries with him more out of superstition then anything else. Which in turn forces him to learn how to use it to defend himself. EDIT: DANG IT I KEEP FORGETTING MY CHOCOBOS TODAY! :chocobo::chocobo::chocobo::chocobo::chocobo::tonberry::chocobo:
  14. I've had this issue a lot. Sometimes to the extent that I remake, tweak, or edit the story of the character with current interactions to make him change to what I want him to be. My solution always has been to find or add a story avenue to explain as to why suddenly I am okay with wielding a bow now. With my last character, I had it be a hunting thing. He really got into finding and hunting down dangerous beasts. While I can do that alright with a sword and shield, it's much easier if you can tag them from far away. I also befriended a archer type that was willing to persuade my character of i
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