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[Mateus] Naivah Forrest

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Naivah Forrest: https://naivah.carrd.co/



Full Name: Naivah Forrest (Nay-Vah Four-ist)
Nickname: Nai (Nay)
Race: Hyur/Midlander
Gender: Female
 A Shroud Daughter

  • Trained Among the Sentries in order to be in their ranks and operate as a guide/ranger in the black shroud


  • Botanist/Tea Maker
  • Guide in the Shroud
  • Server/Hostess at The Golden Lotus

Age: 28
Height: 5' 3"

Build: Small frame, faintly tone

Marital Status: n/a


Usually Found:

Wandering about the deep shroud, usually looking for travelers that might be lost or injured by poachers or the beast tribes.

She owns a small space in the Mists, where she keeps and grow plants. (Mateus - Mists- Plot 48 Ward 11 )

On Friday nights she can be found at the Golden Lotus Bar in the Goblet (Mateus - Goblet - Plot 37, Ward 8 ) where she helps out with the bar!

Quick Facts:

  • There are Allagan nodes and research about Allagan technology spread about her residence and she often goes after any allagan artifacts or busted nodes she can find. She'll never admit to being handy at fixing things.
  • She tends to go around looking for a place to wind down in the evenings. Either a tavern or a place that just has somewhere to sit and a hot meal and drink.
  • She was a well known Librarian and researcher in Ishgard that worked closely with the Dzemael house. It was rumored that she got close to a Dzemael member and once those rumors reached the ears of nobility she disappeared along with her research work.
  • It can sometimes be apparent that she is nervous that someone is looking for her or following her. In these moments is when she usually disappears into the shroud for long periods of time. Though she will never hint as to why or who it could be.
  • She is very passionate about tea and making her own tea. She plans to open a tea lounge as part of her company's bar service.
  • Seemingly to calm her nerves she's taken on doodling. If relaxing somewhere, or trying to relax, she will take out a book of parchment for sketches.




Brief Background 
(more in-depth background stories and outlines are planned to eventually be on tumblr!)


Growing up in a small town on the outskirts of Gridania, Bentbranch, Naivah was poised to eventually take over her parents Botanist shop. On the side she studied healing and would sneak off to try to learn whatever she could from the conjurors in Gridania even though she knew her parents wouldn't approve of her eventually joining them. Before she could finish her training, her eldest sister was found murdered just outside the gates of Dragonhead in Coethas. After learning of her sisters death, against the protests of her parents, Naivah traveled to Ishgard to investigate. Through the few connections she was able to find of her sisters, she was able to get hired as an archivist for the Dzemael house where she worked as a Librarian and researcher. While trying to find information about what lead up to her sisters death she briefly joined a knight order she suspected to have ties to the group that ordered the murder of her sister. Fallout from the order made her a target, as well as the rumors of getting close to a Dzemael dragoon caused Naivah to flee Ishgard back to the shroud. While hiding from being hunted down by the Knight Order, Naivah joined the Gridania Sentries to train so she could take on being a Ranger of the shroud choosing the deep forest region as a place to hide till she figured it was safe.


As she got comfortable that perhaps things blew over, Naivah turned more to wandering. Traveling around to Taverns, Bars and Different venues as a way to wind down from her work in the Shroud. She rarely offers her services as a healer anymore, though she will if she finds travelers or anyone that needs a healer in her travels.


RP info:

Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):
It really depends on the RP. I would say on average I'm usually always Medium RP, Paragraphs ( in-game standards ). I do prefer if things are going to be heavy rp taking it outside of game in some way ( my pref. is usually email, or tumblr ect. ) at events or venues I keep it light to medium depending on the business.


Views on RP combat and injuries:
Combat usually agree'd upon beforehand but I am not opposed to it nor am I against things getting kind of rough! I play a light healer so I tend to expect injuries of some sort.


Views on IC romance:
I don't actively look for romance and definitely prefer for it to be organic.  I am not against it, but I'm open to purely platonic relationships and normally this is what I lean towards.


Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):
I'm open to all non-romatic relationships and rp, whether it be a family tie, rivals, coworkers, what have you!


Views on lore:
I try to stay loosely on lore but I am not strict about it, even with Nai I am not super strict with her and tend to sort of make up my own things to fill in gaps either in my own knowledge of the lore or lore that might be missing in game. With that said I don't do any sort of WoL Rp, and tend to stay away from NPC rp or relationships with NPCs


Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):
Obviously I use /Say, /em, and /tell for most RP. I prefer to do most of my RP in game. I try not to clutter my chat up ( like with a lot of linkshell chat ) but if its for network purposes ( like a network of Shroud Sentries or something along those lines for RP coordinated events ) I'm not against that either.

Other Info.//Contact
Country: USA
Timezone: PDT
Contact: Naivah Forrest ( IG- Mateus ) | Tumblr ( where I plan to keep deeper character stories and such I don't mind RPing here either )

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