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Experienced RPer looking for friends and things to do!

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Hello there, friend. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this. This is my attempt at really trying to get into the FF14 RP community! :D

I don't necessarily lean towards any one kind of Roleplay, be it Romance or Action. I just simply enjoy Roleplay at it's core. Telling stories with friends is always exciting.

I dabbled in a very small fraction of RP in WoW for a few months, but I got most of my RP 'skills' through City of Heroes.

I found RP through City of Heroes two years ago and I've been having a blast with RP ever since! It's honestly just always a wonderful time telling and experiencing stories with friends. I typically find myself Roleplaying for hours in a day.


If you give me the choice, I'll NEVER play a Human. So that's where Duua Jhungid comes in! He's a Xaelan, Au Ra. I'm still learning the lore a bit, so I may have just decided that his dad was a Highlander and his mother was an Au Ra. His mom never settled down for too long. She was an adventurer type.  She only stuck around because she got pregnant. Once Duua was born, she went back to it. She left the father with a trinket for the child when it grew up! (I have a little plan for that a bit later so he has some development in the works. Hah.)

I learned about the Coalition through google, and wanting to find more friends to enjoy RP with.

I typically am a Heavy RPer. From adventuring, to hanging out, It's always a bit more fun with RP Mixed in!

I'm comfortable with sharing mostly anything, I'm here for friends, not just random faces who I happen to RP with. (Unless that's all you wanna be- that's fine too!) But if you're willing to RP with someone still learning the lore a bit- I would love to meet some new folks and really find a place here! I'm in EST time zone and cause of work, I'm typically around at night.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you have a fantastic day!


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