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Elezen Surnames

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So I have a question reguarding Elezen. I've read the naming conventions thread for them and their mention that there is a bit of a divergence when it comes to surnames. With one side or the other claiming the surnames for themselves.


But i can't seem to find a list of sample surnames anywhere, Does such a list exist? i was thinking of making a Duskwight and this would help me with making the name.

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I decided to undertake a lite google search about some basics of this, and this is what I came up with :




(compare this to this famous NPC example of : http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Louisoix_Leveilleur )




(Some copying of info from above, but I feel a pretty good basic understanding of names)




( A discussion of Elezen Sur-Names )






(Two other, lighter discussions that may provide a new angle or clue, even if it is lost in some off-topic discussion.)


Hope that helps.



Also, since you have a guide above, I would recommend looking at lists of French names and fitting them in or, ideally, just go to google translate and incorporate such name-concepts into your name in a way that sounds/looks good to you.




I set it on "who" and hopefully it will be set to translate English-to-French so you can figure out how it looks in French and if you like it, based on the above info I've given.

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