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Hail and well met! I'm a Scottish person currently residing in Mie, Japan (coming on six years now), and so unfortunately my time zone doesn't often match up with RP events! I'm usually playing between 8am and 3pm UTC on weekdays, and between 3am and 4pm UTC on weekends. I've been playing FF14 on-and-off since late 2015, but have only been playing in earnest over the past year or so. I had until recently been a WoW player for the most part where online RP is concerned, but it has lost its luster somewhat and I believe it's time to move on to pastures new. All told, I've been roleplaying in online games for almost twenty years now since the hooks first went in whilst playing on private Ultima Online RP servers. I also have a fair amount of experience with tabletop RPGs: DnD, Star Wars, etc. I love creating characters and building stories, and really enjoy collecting lore books, familiarizing myself with the minutia of these beautiful fantasy worlds. Still slowly making my way through the main story of FF14, having just recent started Stormblood content for the first time. I can't stop thinking about this game at the moment! I don't have much RP experience here, but have been looking to dip my toes in whenever possible.

I've been thinking a lot about my characters, and so far have three characters whose story I'm working on: Gael Emberwoode is a pretty head-strong Ala Mhigo refugee taking on far too many odd jobs to try and care for her displaced parents; Pfrymwyb Ostyrmoenwyn is a stoic, deaf Roegadyn woman who was raised on pirate ships; and Erchenaut de Dulanger is an Ishgardian Elezen, son of a minor house who is trying and failing to be a pious student of the Scholasticate. I'm on Omega, so if you see any of them hanging around, feel free to say hello! Looking forward to making new friends!

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