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[Crystal] Duskwight bard looking for contacts!

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Hi there, RPC! 


So my boy needs contacts, and badly. Michalis is a Duskwight bard of Redbelly origins who, upon leaving the Black Shroud, ekes out a living singing songs, playing music, and telling fanciful stories in dive bars. He's a secret playwright and while his pet project Springtime for Solus (Yes. That's a Producers reference, and yes, it goes about the same way) will likely never be completed- always subject to revisions hell- it's foremost on his mind. That, as well as his very spoiled pet, Gestahl.

More often than not he can be found antagonizing Wood Wailers and horrifying the general populace via some... pretty offensive songs. While he's generally sweet-natured and softly spoken, he has a penchant for ne'er do wells and is drawn toward them. While he's far from an evil type (or even morally grey) he enjoys a lot of shenanigans and tends to gravitate toward troublemakers simply because he finds them hilarious.


What I'm looking for:

+ Elezen characters (Wildwood, Duskwight, Ishgardian variants of both. I want them all.)
+ Any race, really. While elezen are his preference, he's not limited to just that.
+ lore-abiding characters (generally. The game's lore is wobbly in places and constantly evolving so some passes can be granted, but some things are a hard no.) 
+ Balmung server / Crystal Datacenter
+ long-term roleplay
+ literacy (Disclaimer: I'm not the grammar police. Everyone makes mistakes and XIV's chat function isn't the best, but I like to be able to easily understand what's put in front of me)
+ 18+ players

Things I'm not interested in:

- Short term roleplay 
- ERP-centric roleplay. I'm really into to the idea of friendships/acquaintances turning into more, but it has to be worked toward and not expected from the off.

- Canon character roleplay. I'm not that into playing him against established NPCs in MSQ or otherwise. He's really not that important.


I'm interested, what do I do?


Should you be interested, or just want to know a little more about Michalis, please feel free to check out his carrd. If you're piqued, send me a PM! We'll spitball a few things, work out what we're both looking for from this, and I'll hand over my discord information!

Thanks for reading!

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