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[mateus/crystal] looking for fun and friends!

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Hey everyone, finally got my carrd put together and thought I'd give this a go. 


I'm a medium to heavy RPer partway through the actual game storyline (so I'd prefer to avoid spoilers if possible) and hoping for some long-term connections.  


I'm open to in game RP with the possibility of discord RP if we get to know each other better. 

I'm interested in character development, and prefer small scale conflicts (say, a territory dispute, interpersonal issues etc.) to grand epic adventures. I'm also game for romance as long as it makes sense for the character (I'm gay and so is my character). I'm not opposed to ERP either though I prefer it be IC motivated and be done privately in tells or over discord, and like Romance I want it to be IC motivated.


I love dark storylines and am totally down for my character to get corrupted by outside forces if you are a villainous character. My only hard limit on that is permanent character death.


My Character: Santienne Malfoieaux is an excommunicated priest and has been exiled from Ishgard after getting embroiled in the conflicts of a minor noble house. 




I think that's all there is! For more backstory information check out my carrd, it's still a WIP as I figure more stuff out but it's got all the basics down. 

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While I can't really take you up on the RPing, as I'm in a different data center, I just wanted to drop a compliment on how well rounded and interesting your character is! ❤️ I love his face (one that looks reasonably 'adult' and realistic (for lack of better word!)), and the story you've made for him piques all my interests hahaha


I just wanted to drop some compliments in tbh. o/

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Good evening. I read your card. I know you posted this quite a bit ago but I am trying to get into role play with my rather more angsty character who's already made quite a mess of his friendships. Are you still playing FFXIV? I think I prefer long term RP if the other PC are willing. Alternatively, I am also an artist and I enjoy writing and like to enjoy other people's art. I'm UTC -5 and I usually on in the evening. Feel free to catch me in game under Saloli Dinanelohvsgi. I will check for you in game next time the servers are up if that's alright.

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