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Long time player returning to RP

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Hello everyone! Finally worked up the courage to post here and introduce myself. It'll be nice to meet all of you!


I started playing FFXIV since 2.0/ARR released, but never really worked up the courage to try getting involved with the game's roleplaying communities until now. I'd been in two FCs that seemed good, first on Gilgamesh and then on Excalibur, but they both ended up dying due to drama while I was away for health reasons. I haven't joined a new FC since, and only started looking again recently which has me really hopeful and happy again.


While I hadn't really worked up the courage to get involved in roleplaying communities here, I've still been playing out and roleplaying at least in my head as I've been playing my main over the course of the game's time so far. And I've been dearly loving the game's story. I've actually been considering transferring servers again so I can find a good community with RP to be in, and not just be present in, and that's been a daunting prospect.


I've planned out a lot for... actually multiple characters now, not just my main, but I've been hesitant to post everything I've come up with somewhere, as I'd feel more comfortable doing that if I could get involved in roleplaying with other people and ensure it's all okay (and evolving with other people involved, not just on my own).


I... had trouble thinking of what to write for this intro, and ended up rewriting it. I hope this one is okay. I'm also really happy I thought of a new username I'm a bit more comfortable with.

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