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[Balmung] Looking for Maelstrom GC based RP FC or community

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I only just started working up the courage to finally get into FFXIV's RP community, so I'm still completely lost. I want to join an RP FC that's based out of the Maelstrom GC, but I'm not sure how many options that fit that there are, that aren't their own separate group that's only working with it. I'm still learning, trying to research things, and make the most informed decisions I can, but I still feel lost. I would greatly appreciate any help. Additionally, if it seems like my character won't fit in something, I'm adaptable and want to do my best to work around things so they work.


My main character, M'nasha Kett, is a Maelstrom soldier, although I'm reconsidering the background I wrote for her while playing on my own.

My playtimes are within 12 noon to 12 midnight or later, EST (UTC-5?), and I will do my best to respond when I'm online and not busy.

Since I'm still only just dipping my feet in the water so to speak with joining the game's RP community, I'd be interested in a lot of kinds of good RP, from casual stuff in different locations to quests, GC duties, and IC RP'd game duties (like dungeons and raids), as well as character development and social character interactions. (I hope those are the right terms and I didn't miss anything.)

I ended up making the move to Balmung for an FC I thought was good.

Currently I don't have any social links besides discord, but I'd like to set up a wiki character page and I'm researching that.


I hope I wrote this right and posted it in the correct section. Thank you for your time.

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