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I need some serious lore advice including timeline advice! Lore-Lawyers welcome!

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Hello, I have two characters I am working on. I know what I want them to be but I don't know how to write them to be that way.

I will now list these characters and their traits and what I want them.

I would like feedback on how to properly write them to fit into the FF XIV Lore.

If you see something wrong, please suggest how to make it work!


The first character is called Kawa Synclair, a blue haired Hyur female.

I am not 100% happy with her name but do not feel like spending money on a name change.

She is not far eastern.

Kawa Synclair is from La Noscea and I intend her to be a multi-class character.

Her main class is Marauder/Warrior, because I want her to be an axe-wielding maniac.

I justify this by giving her a woodchopping background. I want her to have experience with using an axe from her upbringing.

The timeline is what I have difficulties, as well as the age I will give her.

For one, I want her to have witnessed the Calamity and be inspired by it to become an adventurer.

Perhaps she even has the echo? If so, which 'level' of the Echo? I may give her the ability to 'see' the AoE attacks, know when and what to dodge!

Is it too much to make a character able to use Aetherytes for fast travel?

Onto her other classes! I would like her to also use a Sword+Shield, so Paladin or Gladiator. As well as a Lance, so Lancer/Dragoon.

I do not think she can realistically be a Paladin or a Dragoon, but I would like her to emulate some of their moves.

Her 'theme' is heavy armour and heavy weapons! I will likely not have her use spellcasting classes as I view her as a melee character!

I would like her to be in her late 20s or maybe even early 30s, but her appearance does not make her look very old!


This is a picture of her.


The next character is another Hyur Female, named 'Iranda Lentrian'.



This is how she looks, and I intend her to have a Doman or Hingashi background. (I would like to know how to pick which of these).

Her backstory idea has been born from how I like the Garleans, wanted a Battle Butler/Machinist character but ended up loving Samurai.

I need serious help setting her age and also writing a reasonable background so that she can be

A: A Garlean Military Conscript who defected during Stormblood (or earlier?)

B: Knows Machinist, has a Magitek Bit (the minion/pet), knows Samurai Basics, and Hand To Hand combat


The backstory I have in mind is that her parents are doman or hingashi, were told by the Garleans to name her a Garlean-ish name, or at least not a Doman name.

She was conscripted and taught how to use hand-to-hand as well as Magitek Guns, maybe was also taught some basic Aether (which spellcaster classes would work? I know Black Mage, Astro, Scholar and WHM are too specialized, am I correct?).

She was taught how to use a Katana by the garleans, but it is not 'true' Samurai, so would she be a Ronin, a Masterless Samurai?

I use Gunblade/Machinst/Samurai as her melee classes, as I think they overlap, and low level lancer.

In Eorzea, she wants to work as a Butler, but also can be an Adventurer.

As for special traits, I think, like my previous character, some types of the Echo, likely the same types as it's convenient!


Unrelated, but RP question, how do people RP in the First ( That's Norvrandt, right? )

Do people ever RP characters from other worlds entirely?

Thanks for the help! I really need it!

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Hey there!

Kawa - What level of Echo you want to give her is totally up to you! A lot of RPers use aetherytes for IC travel, so that is totally just personal preference and not unusual. Someone in her 20's - 30's would easily be old enough to have seen and remembered the Calamity. I don't really think in terms of game mechanics most in my RP personally, which I think is not uncommon - so I don't see any reason your character has to actually, for example, be a Paladin to use in game skills that are exclusive to Paladin.

Iranda - As far as I can find, Doma was occupied for over 25 years, so presumably she'd have to be that age or younger for the reasoning behind her name to work out (though you could probably add on a couple years if you want to follow real time that's passed since the events of Stormblood and not the canonical "time bubble"). Whether you want her to be from Doma or elsewhere in the far east is just up to you and what you think suits her and her backstory, or simply just enjoy the most. Most of the things she knows, she could have been taught by the Imperial military in her time serving. As for simple forms of magic there's arcanima, thaumaturgy, and conjury, but being from the far east, perhaps she could have learned some geomancy instead (it seems to relate most closely to conjury)?

Unrelated, but RP question, how do people RP in the First ( That's Norvrandt, right? ) - Yes! The answer is that most people don't. But so long as you can come up with some reason why your character can travel the Shards, it's doable. Otherwise, some people have made First exclusive characters who are natives to Novrandt and don't leave the First. It could be a new OC, or maybe an "alternate" version of your character from another Shard.

Do people ever RP characters from other worlds entirely? - Yes! Just keep in mind, a lot of people are here to, of course, role-play FFXIV content, so they may not be interested in RP with those sort of characters, or find it breaks their disbelief.

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Thank you! I will need more info on the differences of Doma and Hingashi then. Maybe I should learn through RP, who knows.



As for characters from other worlds, by that I meant unnamed worlds from the FFXIV universe, or some of that weird crossover stuff.

I am unlikely to do that, until I am way more advanced, but I find the idea of someone who is unfamiliar with Hydaelyn , or someone from another Shard who has to learn all the lore IC to be a compelling character idea.


While I already have many answers here, I would love for even more people to bring their opinions and advice here!

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