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  1. I have hidden and requested deletion of my previous posts, as I think we exchanged our opinions and should just part ways. Is that agreeable? You may hide or remove your replies now as well, so that things look clean again.
  2. Welcome! As another WoW Rper, it's going to take some adjusting. A lot of the RP here is very venue based and "hidden" , but I hope the influx of WoW roleplayers will make open-world RP more popular. I even recognize the name Lintian, if it is the same one, it is a very wholesome and inclusive roleplayer.
  3. I noticed the same, to point 3, that when I searched for RP tag and World in the player finder, 90% of the players are all huddled up in the blasted housing areas. So I say something controversial: Housing is a mistake. I have really no interest in "circlejerk closed-doors" RP, showing up to some Venue where everyone already knows eachother and then will disappear and disperse into their little house instances. There's an amazing world to RP in! Costa del Sol! The Twelveswood! Azim Steppe! How I would love to explore Au-Ra Culture in the Steppes, or wander the wilds and run into
  4. Thank you! I will need more info on the differences of Doma and Hingashi then. Maybe I should learn through RP, who knows. As for characters from other worlds, by that I meant unnamed worlds from the FFXIV universe, or some of that weird crossover stuff. I am unlikely to do that, until I am way more advanced, but I find the idea of someone who is unfamiliar with Hydaelyn , or someone from another Shard who has to learn all the lore IC to be a compelling character idea. While I already have many answers here, I would love for even more people to bring their o
  5. Hello, I have two characters I am working on. I know what I want them to be but I don't know how to write them to be that way. I will now list these characters and their traits and what I want them. I would like feedback on how to properly write them to fit into the FF XIV Lore. If you see something wrong, please suggest how to make it work! The first character is called Kawa Synclair, a blue haired Hyur female. I am not 100% happy with her name but do not feel like spending money on a name change. She is not far eastern. Kawa Synclair is from La Nosce
  6. Thank you all for the many replies. There is still a lot I have to think of, especially background and making things match lore and common in-universe sense. I truly dread when some roleplayer veteran's character asks me a question that I suddenly can't answer! How does it look regarding open RP? I know Ul'dah, but what about random RP elsewhere? Or is RP mostly in bubbles with the occasional 'public event' and people go back to their FC houses afterwards? My dream is a living breathing world, where you walk through the twelveswood and randomly run into other roleplayers.
  7. Hello. I will begin with the facts. MMORPG background WoW, TERA when it was in beta. RP experience Jedi Academy, WoW, TERA, roleplayer since 2006 or something. Character ideas/info I'm going to need a lot of help with this stuff. One character is meant to be an adventurer wielding an axe, with a high power level able to slay big monsters. High-fantasy berserker type. If it matters, I selected Menphina for this character, for reasons I forgot. How much do birthdates and the patron deity matter for RP? How can it affect RP?
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