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Returning player wanting to start roleplaying


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Hello all! As a long time fan of Final Fantasy, I've been trying to get into FFXIV on and off for the past few years now, but now the game is really clicking for me, and now I really want to get involved with the community here, and start meeting people. I don't actually have much experience roleplaying other than a little D&D (unless improv comedy counts, lol), but it's something that always seemed fun to me, and I've wanted to try for a long time now.


Sadly, since my social anxiety unfortunately is present in game too, starting walk up RP has proven to be very difficult for me, so making connections over forums like this one seems to be a good alternative. I've actually joined a few FFXIV discord servers, so I guess now all that's left is to start reaching out! My character is named J'bahn Tia on Mateus. I'm still working on a carrd, but I hope to have more information to post to making connections soon. I'm looking forward to start meeting people!

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Welcome to FFXIV.  RP here is a bit more akin to the improv comedy than it is to D&D so you'll fit right in.   Enjoy your time with us!

~ Erah'sae

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