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Introducing Myself: New to MMOs, Love Doing RPs

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Heya, everyone! Call me Aki. I'm 20+ and looking to further expand my RP horizons here!


This is my very first MMO and I'm...doing my best. However, I've been doing roleplay since I was very young (I was that kid LARPing with their friends during recess), but when it comes to the written word, I've been doing this for about 11+ years! I love writing, it helps me destress, I love being creative and coming up with new characters or fun plots... It just works out for me!

And because I wanted to find other people who did FFXIV RP... I ended stumbling onto this place while scouring around. Very excited to be here!


Personal stuff aside... I've got- currently- 5 characters around the Crystal DC that I'd love for you lot to meet! I'll do a quick, written introduction of them here, but I hope to further promote them in full later, elsewhere. 💕


Rhela Dakwhil- WHM (later, & DRK) Keeper Miqo'te. Nonbinary (they/she), and PanPolyam. My main, and WoL! Born of the Twelveswood and having abandoned home to experience the world, they're that wide-eyed, innocent adventurer who hasn't quite learned their lessons yet. That every good thing isn't guaranteed, the nicest people can be the cruelest, and so on. Though they're slowly learning these lessons, figuring out where they belong in such a world... They don't know yet what's in store for them.

[ Can be found on Goblin. Currently, has friends in two other players: Ah'dan K. (SAM and primary companion) and Vulkan A. ]


Ajisai Sumida- SMN (+ AST) Raen Au Ra. Female (she/her) and figuring out her sexuality. Born a rich merchant's daughter in Kugane, life had gone...ordinarily enough for her, up until her early teens. White seeping through her hair, making her parents panic. No healer they could find gave advice on what was "going wrong" and it would eventually push them to seek out the Azim Steppe- homeland of the Auri- to try to make sense of things. It was during all this pushing and shoving around, her life in upheaval... That Ajisai ran away. Learned how to become an Arcanist, set out for Limsa to make it work... Though their story of slowly learning to help people, break away some of those high walls...has slowly led them back to Kugane. To the Azim Steppe... This time, hoping to learn more about the history she knows so little about.

[ Can be found on Zalera. Has also made friends with Ah'dan, and I consider her story tied with Rhela's. (Rhela and Ah'dan being WoLs, Ajisai simply being an adventurer who Happens To Be Here. Will be seeking relationships w/ other Auri who know of Xaela culture or potential old friends from Kugane/Doma. ]


I'karus Tia- PLD Seeker Miqo'te. Male (he/him) and...who knows. Probably bisexual; he doesn't think too hard about it. Much like the mythological figure for which he is named after (and yes, doesn't doesn't exist in FFXIV; work with me here), I'karus is all too fond of flying too close to the metaphorical sun. Before life led him to Ul'dah, he'd been a drinker and a fighter. Picking fights wherever he found himself, causing trouble, and generally being a thorough nuisance to ANYONE who tried to offer him a kindness; to help him out of this pit he made for himself. It took...a breaking moment he won't admit to. That he no longer talks about...to wake him up. Sure, being a Gladiator ain't a great start for someone trying to "turn his life around," but it's all he knows. And he figures...it could be a good enough start.

[ Resides on Coeurl. Literally is just based off of the song "Icarus" by Bastille... Thought, "Wow, between this song and those new wings in FFXIV, wouldn't it be cool to have an "Icarus" character in-game?" Was shocked nobody else had this idea... So here we are!! ]


Alexios Chaunteau- BRD + NIN Ishgardian Elezen. GNC (any pronouns) and...I don't know yet! (To be honest!) The short of it... Is though Ishgard was fine enough, even with the Dragonsong War going on... Alexios simply had enough of it. Impatient to go other places, meet people, and have fun without the level of strictness the Holy See put on Ishgard on the whole, he made his own way. From escaping the city (and unknowingly having his family name blacklisted under current ruling thanks to...someone's underhanded methods), reaching Dragonhead, and scurrying off to Gridania... It's been a lot! But he doesn't mind it much these days; content to learn up close how to use a bow and fight for any old reason he chooses~! ...Now it's just a shame that he picked fashion over all else.

[ Resides on Goblin. He is going to get the Gyr Abanian Plait and nobody can stop me. And yes, I do have an alt addiction. I'm good. ]


Kinara N.- WHM (later, & DNC) Veena Viera. Female (she/her) and pansexual. Much like other Veena, Kinara was born among the Skatay Range. Though originally sheltered and content with her life among her home forest, a game among friends turned her daydream years into a quick nightmare. Robbed from her home, Kinara went through a few short years of chaos (to say the least of it), before eventually finding an opportune moment to attack her then-captors and rush free. Running and running... Until eventually, taking a cart to Gridania. Her early years there were spent learning conjury as a way of "self healing" and coping with what happened before. When she started finding peace again... She said her last goodbyes to the forest and took life back into her own hands. Having worked a short time at an Ul'dah pillowhouse to understand the ropes, she now utilizes her time to go sightseeing and earn money by keeping those with loose wallets company. If you've got gil to spend and need a daytime companion or a nighttime squeeze, you'll find it with the ever-patient Kinara. (Those looking for friendship alone, however, and wish to leave gil out of it... You confuse her. Perhaps even worry her... Kinara doesn't really know what to do with non-Viera women who want to spend time with her...but other Viera women- Rava or Veena- get that free!)

[ Located on Balmung. A close friend in Ukina O. (a Rava Viera DRG). There are some more...intense stuff going on with this character- moreso than even I originally planned!- so... I did try to explain what goes on here as PG13 friendly as possible? However, if anything is too much or sounds bad/suggestive, lemme know! I'd be happy to edit this or hide it entirely! I did my best! ]


WHEW, that was a lot! Thanks for reading through it!

There's varying kinds of storylines, experiences, and whatnot I'd love to work with these folks... Each with more specific ideas for their RP worlds, to put it one way. (While Rhela is friendly and outgoing to those who show them even basic kindness, Ajisai (and Kinara) would need more of a "slow burn" approach to relationships.)


I typically prefer...a light to medium style RP? However, I'm incredibly flexible, so if there's a way you prefer to play (or write!), I'm up for it! I like to discuss RP ideas and plots first, anyways; it helps figure stuff out and I like making friends! Works for everyone involved, I'd say.

As well, note that I am up to multishipping! I simply love writing ships, something about it never tires for me, and if you're the type to not be for polyamory... Then you don't have to be involved in it! Again, RP flexible.


In short, talk to me about anything you'd be interested in, and we could find a way to make it work!

Thanks for reading~!



(Outside of this, I do enjoy cosplay, writing fiction (non-fandom related, too!!), and occasionally doing art. Really am interested in gpose, but still figuring out my way with it! Hoping to do voice acting/voice over as a career someday.)

(Gosh, I hope all of this made sense and is okay; I'm super nervous!!!)

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