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Starting RP in FFXIV for the first time!

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Hi everyone!


I'm a long time player, I've finished all the MSQ content, now I'm waiting for Endwalker. As such, I've been thinking about RPing!


My partner and I have recently created characters in Balmung, so I've got a couple questions:


1. What is expected of a character's backstory versus their level?
Obviously, you can't say your character has done many feats of skill if they're just a level 5 THM. So is there a certain level when I should start fleshing out their backstory? For example, I level to 50 before saying something like "I'm a Sharlayan Scholar who has come to Eorzea to do field study, etc"

Would it be acceptable in the community to say that at level ~10? Because there would be questions of how you got to Eorzea being a weakling, y'know? I suppose one could say they're a 'budding scholar'.


2. Fellowships & looking for RP

I've never used Fellowships, and I generally don't understand how joining a group/FC works in FFXIV for RPing

Is there some sort of process to this?

I've heard that FCs and most groups generally have a storyline that they're creating amongst themselves, which makes it sound quite daunting to try shove your way into the fray as it were. Is there a way to lessen the abruptness of one's joining?


3. In-game lore, and having special abilities for flavour
How true to the lore does one's character need to be? Am I allowed to say that my character has something similar to an NPC, for example, Y'shtola's aetheric/magical vision & my character is blind?
Of course, nothing too out of the ordinary, like "My character is actually slime that eats people for powers."



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Back story and level have little/ no relevance to each other. Your back story could be a budding scholar but from experience a lot of players don't roleplay their class. There is nothing stopping you from doing this of course but also look into the lore (BLM is considered taboo in the lore so should be concealed, etc).


Groups, everyone is different, you will explore through a lot of them and change a bit - unless extremely lucky on your first go. If you are worried about joining an established group, think of it like starting work or school, everyone is already established and you are new to integrate. You may be quiet and watch a while.


Regarding special abilities I'd be wary myself, but I have roleplayed a blond character a few times who uses aether to identify people and things (I think rain in Daredevil, or a bit Matrix style). It doesn't grant abilities but does allow me to be blindfolded and recognise people and things so I don't walk around with my hand on every surface haha.



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Hello there!

1. It's up to you how you want to approach things, but generally speaking, your in game experience and game mechanics have little to do with role-play unless you personally choose to incorporate them for yourself (and keep in mind others may not do the same with their own characters). You can be new to the game but choose to role-play a master mage, or be a geared level 80 and choose to role-play a fledgling adventurer. It's totally up to you (though it is imo a good idea to hold off on playing any character that's too extreme until you sink some time in the game, both so you can learn to have a grasp on the lore and also so others might be more inclined to take your character more seriously :)). As for when to start building your character and their backstory, it's up to your comfort levels with you feel you've got some inspiration and a good understanding of the lore.

2. Every group will have its own process to join. Sometimes it's as simple as just asking to join. Check out the group's website if they have one listed somewhere, and feel free to reach out to their leaders with any questions. Some RP groups have storylines. Others may just be groups of RPers who like to meet up and RP together sometimes. Every group has its own dynamic. Regardless, groups with storylines who are actively recruiting and bringing in new people should help you get acclimated and jump in. They should be used to handling new folks coming in.

3. You can do whatever you want. The world is your oyster! Most people don't mind a little lore-bending or special snowflake-ness. We're RPing Final Fantasy characters, after all. That being said, most of us are role-playing in this game to enjoy its setting and story, so I would try to avoid anything too outlandish, or that would take away fun from others.

I hope you enjoy jumping into some RP soon!

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