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[Crystal] Miqo'te Mercenary seeking contacts!

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Hello all! I'm currently looking for some rp connections.


About J'bahn:

J'bahn is a refugee of Ala Mhigo who was raised in Ul'dah, currently on a long soul-searching journey in hopes of finding a sense of purpose. An upbeat and reckless kind of guy with a love for travel and a good fight. Tries his best to be a good person.


What I'm looking for:

Friends, business contacts, rivals, a mentor or possibly romance. I'm open to pretty much anything really. I'd like to find players interested in more long form story telling but I'd be happy with short term contacts as well. I don't have any triggers, and am fine with darker themes, so long as this is discussed OOC first. 



I'm free most days after 5:00 pm EST. I am on Mateus, but have no problem traveling to other worlds. I can be contacted on discord, and my handle is Blerg #3160. Feel free to contact me there or in game, or just send me a DM here!


For more information, you can check out my carrd.


J'bahn Tia 07_04_2021 20_57_57.jpg

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