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Introducing Myself: Parthiel Voks

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Hi there,

I am TheSilentHarp, playing with Parthiel Voks on Omega server.


Originally on Runescape, and then began playing City of Villains where I began to roleplay within the MMO world and thoroughly enjoying it. After CoV I have played a few game (WoW, Aion, FFXI), I have since been on FFXIV for the last 7 years, and although love the story, I have not roleplayed here - instead playing content with friends.


It has become an interest to begin roleplaying, so alongside my main character for levelling content with friends, Parthiel was born. Heavily inspired by the lore of XIV and the experience I have received in game, I have no problem answering questions about NPC, story and lore, but am yet to RP within the servers.


I also have a temporary (level 2) alt on Balmung to witness roleplay at its best, to sit in the Coffer and Coffin for inspiration and ideas, but due to latency I have stopped playing on US servers and have built a basis on Omega.


In my real life I live in the UK with my partner and best friend (two separate people haha), three dogs, three cats, two bunnies and a chameleon. I work in administration and love lists and spreadsheets haha. I have an interest in learning Japanese, and my favourite author is anything by Trudi Canavan.


Please feel free to ask anything if I can help :) and I hope you guys can assist me along the journey too.


Parthiel Voks



[Edit] Original Post MSQ and Roleplay, moved to RP Discussion and  rewritten to be an introduction here.




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