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WoW Role Player migrating to FF 14. Need advice and help


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Hi, I've been a WoW player for about 5 years on and off, and have taken up RP in the last 2 years! I've had a lot of fun with the various guilds and communities I've gotten to know on both Moon Guard and Wyrmrest but recently I've been having a number of falling outs with a number of my old friends and groups I'd hang with for personal matters. A group I've been with for a long time however that I'm still quite friendly with is making a big transition over to FF 14 and I'm following suit! Basically I want to know how different FF 14's RP  is to WoW's? I'm pretty used to using stuff like Add Ons to help with RP, mainly Total Role Play (TRP) so I'm generally curious if FF 14 has similar uses of add ons and extensions like that? I'm also kind of looking to semi port over some of my characters like a big goofy paladin man who was a lightforged or a Nightborn mage who gets cursed because he's a complete pompus jerk XD. So I'm also wondering if maybe I could get some suggestions on what backgrounds, races and story elements I could use to port over them to FF 14 while not being just direct copies. Thanks in advanced for any help!

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Hey and welcome to the group :)


First off, Final Fantasy doesn't have (officially allow) add ons and mods. There are a few that have been used for screenshots, or even DPS meters, the game will allow use for personal use only, not for public distribution/ to talk about or you could be banned. I don't know what you mean by TRP but I have used the in-game settings to adjust my hud best for roleplay (hide peoples names, minimise clutter, no quest list or mini-map etc) but this is just how I play.


I would recommend highly first off, try the game. As I have learned today the main story has little to no relation to your roleplay, and most areas and content are locked behind story progression, so play for a bit, get a feel, you'll learn lore if you are reading the story and have a better idea yourself :) 


Paladin would probably be a great start to get you going, Thaumaturge/ Black Mage has a lot of lore to contradict openly roleplaying one (more a secret) so you may want to see the lore before you jump into that one, but in all honesty whatever you feel comfortable with, go for it and good luck 😄 

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Hi SilentHarp! Thank you for your feedback and the suggestion to play Paladin first I think'll be exactly what I do! Wasn't expecting Black Mages would be a secret in the lore so I'll keep that in mind! Oh also for clarity sake, basically TRP in WoW is an Add On used for Roleplay. Gives each player a profile with their personality traits, backgrounds, story, and also an at a glance tab when targetting a player listing key details about how they look! I'll admit it'll take a tad bit of getting used to RPing without it but I'll manage! Again, thank you so much for your advice :D.

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Enjoy the story as you go 😊 and when you play Thaumaturge/ Blackmage class you'll see what I mean.

Each to their own and play as you will, but yeah Black and White Mages have the hardest time 😅 no harm in levelling the class anyway even if you don't incorporate into your roleplay, or let us know how you get on if you do 😊 not easy but always interesting 😁

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Hello there, JMain, welcome! :D I haven't played WoW myself, so I'm afraid I can't offer much advice on how the RP community differs or how you can port your character over. The best I could say is to play the game for a bit and get a feel for the world and story before you decide what to do with your character here RP wise. As for what the community is like, I will say the MMORP community is smaller than most people realize and there are a lot of the same people playing here who are/were part of the WoW RP community. We don't have add-ons in FFXIV, but there is a small character search info where you can give a brief summary of your character and RP prefences, and link a bio for your character with a short URL (most of us now use carrd.co for our character profiles).

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