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Permanently Increasing Aether?

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Hello, folks! I have the intention to run a particular gimmick with a character soon which will be centered around the idea that following certain beliefs will result in greater power. Now, all that will be my own problem to brainstorm later, but the primary question I have is regarding exactly how can such a promise be fulfilled?

I don't doubt there are many roads to Rome on this one, but what methods exist to permanently increase someone's aether? Outside training for years, of course. I am looking for methods that can be applied to anyone, or just about anyone. Legality of methods is also a non-issue. Merely looking for the knowledge of how to go about it for now. 


Also, as a side note, regarding aether and physical capacity, are the two connected? While physical training and muscle building clearly plays a part in a person's strength, it appears to me that increasing someone's aether also boosts their power overall. Is this the case or am I mistaken?

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Aether is the lifeforce of the planet (visions of FFVII) and is used to create life and cast magics, it is also our path for teleporting.

I would think adjusting to higher levels of aether would initially make you feel ill before you adjust.


Physically, I don't think aether has any relevance, it would come more from meditation, spirituality, etc.


I guess this could be measured with literally how many crystals you have on your person? (Unless you are a crafter you'll be using those up a lot haha) or maybe based on your connections, you could identify it by how many commendations you have, or friends list? Idk tbh, but just my thoughts reading your topic 😊

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I imagine naturally enhancing one's aether would mostly come from training, studying, meditating, etc. and probably have a limited outcome. For a more extreme outcome, and getting into some more lore-bendy and illegal/immoral territory, we do see plenty of beings that absorb aether from the world or other living creatures such as Voidsent, Sineaters, Primals, etc. I don't think having a lot of aether on its own makes someone be physically stronger--but aether can be applied in ways that augment and enhance someone's physical abilities.

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