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Oh gosh, how do I do this again?


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  Hey! I’m Kahrow, I been role playing on and off on World of warcraft for about 10 years. I been wanting to RP again but haven’t been feeling it on WoW. I heard some good things about the RP on FFXIV.

   I been really anxious getting back in to RP after such a long break from WoW and  wanted a little refresher on RP and see if It was any different on FFXIV. I came across an How to RP guide from the old site and then ended up here. Very exciting to be apart of this Community!

   I’m in a space right now that I feel light/medium RP is where I am at. At least until I’m more comfortable with the Lore and my character.

  If anyone has recommendations for areas to start out casually I would greatly appreciate it.

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