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A Newcomer for Coin and Purpose


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So after spending a number of months after Shadowbringer's release, being relatively off n' on with FFXIV, I finally gave the game an earnest try again. First on Sarganteus, but then snuck a copy of the character on Mateus. Why? Because while a good MMO is something I've been seeking, it comes down to a hearty RP Community and story built within that world that truly sings to me. Eventually, the copy became the Main, and after plowing through the Main Story, shying from RP telling myself 'just here for the story, nothing to gain here', I started to wonder how wrong I was. Now back, preparing for Endwalkers, I came across across this community site out of curiosity.

Now here I am, with an ol' Warhorse of a Hrothgar. Not afraid of what comes, yet not quite ready to set down his arms, if he ever will.

  • MMORPG background: I admit, I've been something of a drifter after spending 10 solid years as an EverQuest 2 vet. Since then, I've done RP in Elder Scrolls Online, Guild Wars 2, and some here and there, sadly in games that just didn't hold me for long.
  • RP experience: 15+ Years of story making, character development, and creating some successful character stories, and plenty not-so-successful. From the bold and altruistic, to the selfish and guarded, I could write a book on the number of characters in so many settings.


  • Character ideas/info: So far only one. An seasoned and older Hrothgar Warrior who's lost his purpose and cause. A story of loyalty, betrayal, and a search for purpose or a cause to die for, but for now, coin simplifies that answer, hollow as it is. But with a story of many hooks and paths, leading to possible ways his story could go, or even eventually come to an end.


  • How did you learn about the coalition? Searching and curiosity. I came across this by chance as I was searching for an opportunity to potentially RP in the FFXIV universe.


  • What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? I've always leaned into the Heavy RP. Once I start a character in game, every interaction starts and ends through his eyes. Though he's not one for idling, spending hours at a time at pubs and taverns. He seeks a purpose, and that means he will spend time actively in the world searching for action or even just time to get around.


  • Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? I'm an IT Tech with a hectic schedule and sometimes not as much energy as I used to have. I'll log in when life allows, and gladly share time. But I'm a sucker for good story and sharing time. Though despite my characters being a broad range of personalities ... you'll find the one behind the curtain more of a dorky humor and a penchant to enjoy life, hoping to share it with others.


Mecek will be following something of an older trope I used for one of my earliest characters. A soldier of Ilsabard, now a wandering Mercenary, I'm still putting segments together of his past as there is scant lore at best about the Hrothgar's Helions and Lost. But what I do have is enough for the imposing axe for hire to walk off the boat, nameless to the masses, and ready to find anything worthwhile in the lands outside what's left of his home.

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