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Housing Name Thoughts

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Unrelated to RP, but related to game lore lol. I want an interesting house name, and I want to follow in the path of the "bases" we've seen in game.

Waking Sands, Rising Stones, Falling Snows (referenced as a joke name for the intercessory).


Currently thinking Resting Storms but I wanted anyones thoughts or suggestions 😄 

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I was thinking that, I was looking at the Game of Thrones bastard names lol.

Stone, Snow, River, Water, Hill, Flowers, Storm and Sand. As the game already uses two of them, made a joke of a third, needed a good adjective to go with it 🤣

Running Waters just sounds like need a wee haha.


Glad you said La Noscean as we're based in Mist 😅😁♥️

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