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[Crystal] Lalas LF Contacts

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I have several lalas that I'm looking for, all listed in the carrd below.


Carrd: https://sisaco.crd.co


I'm incredibly flexible and willing to work with all sorts of stories and ideas within the boundaries of the lore. Most of my stories tend to have a serious but still light-hearted lean on them. I am a paragraph RPer, and request the same from you. Discord is perfectly A-OK. All races are more than welcome to befriend them. Hope to hear from someone!


Discord: Vindoodles#0735

Main Server: Mateus (have aetheryte, will travel)




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On 8/11/2021 at 1:47 AM, vindoodles said:

Rerenima Rurunima is a nobleman from Northern Thanalan who's recently returned to Ul'dah in search of answers for his father's untimely demise. A murderer is still at large, and Re's inheritance was far more than what meets the eye. He's claimed what was rightfully his, and all of the trouble that came with it! 


This caught my eye here, but it doesn't seem to be referenced on the Carrd itself. Is this still an active storyline?


Cana'to is a mortician and city coroner. His office is essentially where storylines like this take off, with there being an unsolved murder and him having old records from an autopsy. He keeps records going back 5+ years as required by the city. Let me know if this sounds interesting or worth exploring! 


Cana'to's carrd is located here: https://canato.carrd.co/

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I'll have to keep that in mind! It's an active part of his storyline but not something he's been able to actively pursue at the moment, good to know there's somewhere he can turn to put him in the right direction when it gets to that. Thanks!

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