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Returnee WoW refugee looking for some FC advice on Balmung.

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So, I figured I should start here,

My name is Zach, but people mostly call me Mav/Travis.  My character is M'vheric Nunh on Balmung and I'm looking to make some new connections and potentially find a safe place to land here on the server for myself and maybe a few other similar situation-wise friends.

  • I recently have stopped playing wow after the recent issues with Blizzard and the current state of the game. (I've been playing off an on since BC/2007-2008ish) 
  • I love rp, and normally in an MMO I play through it fully first, to get a decent idea of the world, before diving in and making a character (I've still yet to put the bones on my character's story yet because I'm still thinking a few things over.  

    My real questions are the following.  I don't really know ANYTHING about the server politics of Balmung (I'm sure it exists like all RP servers in all games) 
    1. Are there any large tentpole FC's that I need to be aware of?  
    2. Are there any...problem FC's I need to avoid?
    3. What is the best place Club/Bar/Area (that isn't the bloody quicksand...)to find some people to interact with?

    If I was looking for an active FC with...An entertainment/civvy side and also a merc/adventure side where would I look towards first?  Not looking for anything super military, but something to that extent where I can plant some roots and really enjoy my time here in FF14. 

    Any help is always appreciated, even if it is criticism.
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I can't really answer the first two prompts, since I try to keep myself from getting too embroiled in any sort of drama/politics, but the third is something I can help with! For Balmung? Pearl Lane in Ul'dah's Steps of Thal has become a prominent random RP spot for walk-ups and the like. You could also try looking at the party finder for any social events/gatherings, as well as FC recruitment ads. There is also the Fellowship addition which can lead you to specified groups and communities that fit your criteria. 

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Hey! welcome to the game and the RP scene, These are all questions I had when I swapped from WOW as well, as far as The FC Stuff honestly you can check here but also check the crystal and Balmung discords, ( I can send you invite links if needed via the messaging system on this forum and as for venues their open times and what they are can be found here normally with a link to their carrd.


if you ever need help transferring WOW RP to FFXIV let me know as I had no one at the start help me but I've since gained a lot of knowledge and can like translate it for you.

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Hello there, Zach, welcome! :D 

1 & 2 - I honestly wouldn't sweat either matter. People will often have their own biases and agendas, and rumors and reputations don't always amount to much. There are people/groups with good reputations who probably don't deserve them, as are there with bad ones. Play the game with people you enjoy being around, and look out for red flags and avoid anyone you don't feel good about. Trust your own gut and just have fun. (Also there's a no naming and shaming rule on these forums, so for whatever it's worth, anyone with advice on who to avoid will have to PM it haha.)

3 - Pearl Lane on Balmung, as mentioned, is a good one and is more so the hotspot for random RP these days than the Quicksand. But if you want to avoid the Ul'dah scene altogether, there's sometimes RP happening at the Adventurer's Guilds/taverns in the other major cities on Balmung. Otherwise, check out any RP events going on! Along with the calendar Efleion linked, there's an event calendar here on the NPC, and you can also find RP event ads in game in party finder as Gerel mentioned.

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Many thanks for the advice, my final question is probably something that is a little more...hard to answer?  I know the rules about mods on FF14 they are technically against TOS, but the game takes more of a don't ask don't tell kinda ruling.  My question is, (because I'm coming from wow, and there are a lot of quality of life mods for RP over there like T3RP, Listener, ect...) are there any mods for FF14 that have like RP profiles, or chat logging, ect to help make my life a little easier in that regard? 

Thanks in advance, and yes I know mods are an 'at your own risk' in advance. 

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